Monday, 27 July 2015


 Put on some red and beige and polka dot.

Went to pick up something mint green (alright, sea foam) and very fluffy and flowing.

Made a salad with things from our garden. Goat cheese and red wine berries makes a superb combination!
I mixed lettuce, spinach leaves and rucola,  random veggies (tomato, cucumber, yellow bellpepper) edible flowers, wine berries and goat cheese. Plus a balsamico vinaigrette. Summer points to the max!

Went up the hill to Eddi's aunt. She lives in a small house on top of a hill just nest to the farm house, She had picked berries and baked a blueberry pie with Dag. More summer points! (We need them, the weather is still a huge disappointment...)

A little bonus one still: you can pick cherries right out of her window! Summer points, ca-ching!


Unknown said...

such a lovely life.

I envy your garden with all of his veggies and the cherries in the window it's a super bonus.

Saludos Fa.

Unknown said...

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