Wednesday, 21 October 2015


After picking up dag from playschool and before starting my evening classes we visited my youngest sister and Dag's youngest cousin.

You know how you sometimes think it's strange that your younger siblings are all grown up? With a house and children and a dog and other normal everyday adult stuff.  Kind of like my I still tend to think of my parents as in their forties, before I have to think again and remember that in fact my husband is in his forties. And that the nineties was not about ten years ago. (The 90's will probably be ten years ago for ever.)

 My sister recently got married.

 We looked at some of the photos from the disposable cameras they had at the wedding (oh my).

And then Dag got his favourite.


Little Walnut is too small for those, although he disagrees.

But otherwise Wallu is so big already he's almost walking on his own. Strange, how fast things go! Another thing that is strange is how quickly one forgets what babies were like. As in: how it was to have a little one that did not talk to you in clear sentences and who wore diapers and had to be fed and who did not sleep at night.

My former drawer, from our drawer switch last year, is now in the nursery.  (I got the vintage one they had before.) It was a good switch indeed.

Waylo (my sister has about 1,000 nicknames for everyone and everything. I like the little Walnut best.) has his own little cosy-corner next to it. Dag also likes to hang out in there when we come over.


Anonymous said...

Aivan ihanan tunnelmallinen ja lämminhenkinen kuva Dagista serkkunsa kanssa tuossa viimeisessä kuvassa! !

Emily said...

Completely agree with you about the fact that the 90s were 10 years ago (obviously, otherwise I would be OLD, right?) and also how odd it is to see babies when your own has grown up a bit! My daughter is about to turn 4, which just seems very odd to me, but at the same time when I see our neighbor's just-turned-3-year-old and hear her mumbly speech, I realize that my girl is in fact quite a bit more "grown up" in her own, little girl way.