Monday, 26 October 2015


Dag got his first real hair cut the other day when we visited The Barbershop!

I've of course cut his hair several times already, with various results, but thought it would be nice to get it properly done for once without all the fuzz of me trying to get him to sit still. He had been very excited the whole week about his very own appointment, "when we are going to Rody" as he said several times, proud to get to sit the same chair he has seen his father getting  a haircut in as well.

So he sat very still and quiet the whole time!

Here he is doing his instant photo face. Mommy's girl!

All done, clean and neat! (Dag is such a big boy already it's insane!)

The Barbershop is located downtown Helsinki and very recommended if you want a classic mens' style haircut (and listen to good music at the same time).


Anonymous said...

That's a really handsome little boy!

Roxy said...

What a handsome little man!

Robert said...

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Unknown said...

OMG you are so cute <3
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Maria Wase said...

Wow that's an amazing hair cut! Looking absolutely good.