Sunday, 11 October 2015


There hasn't been any Soft Sunday music* here for quite some time. Probably because there has not been that much of softness for the Sundays lately, but work -so on this one; rehearsing Spectac-O-Rama. But here's some music nonetheless:

So many beards...bears...whatever, John Grant is awesome! And he had a hedgehog cake!

*)I've been adding to that same list for six-seven years already!  And I still do, and still return to play it, because it reminds me of what I used to do and what things were like and what I though about at the time I added the songs. Like a music diary.


p said...

What you wrote - how music can bring you can to certain places and memories - is so accurate. Have you seen this documentary "Alive inside"? Pretty cool :)
(and I have been following your Spotify playlist since the beginning, but could not tell it had been 6 years already, oh my)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you for being a blogger for 8 years! I love your blog and I feel I know you! (as weird as it sounds)