Thursday, 20 September 2012


This evening...

I admired my pelargoniums - they are are doing quite well! I am sort of proud of these as I've grown them myself from cuttings. Starting to have quite many by now, there are a lot more in the countryhouse too, and they keep on coming. How will this end?
(Well. I actually do not only know how but also when this will end; it will onyl take one winter and I'll be back at square one...)

 Dag & daddy were watching TV - although Dag mostly watched his hands. Just as interesting!-

 while I made dinner. Roasted butternut squash, mushrooms and fried halloumi with sunflower seeds.
(Btw this is not the final mexican oilcloth I chose for the table . It's temporary. But very nice still.)

Then I drew the winner of the embroidery book.  And that winner turned out to be MrsJ! Congrats!

In a little while I will post a new drawing over at my FB page. If enough people participate, there will be a new give aways each week. As in, once a week one of my page likers will win something. Note however that you still have to participate separatly, as in go to my page and clip my sweepstakes tab and enter by leaving your email (which will only be used to contact you afterwards if you win). This week's will be for a pure mineral eyeshadow in autumn colours from amineral make up brand La Bella Donna. The contest runs until Sunday evening! Enter the giveaway trough the "Weekly Contest"-tab on my FaceBook page.


Lena said...

Your dinner looks so yummy! Love the picture father and son! Dag is right! baby hands are SO much more interesting than TV!

Mrs J said...

What a nice surprise! Thank you :-)

Aiju said...

Mul on toi sama pöytäliina! :)