Thursday, 18 July 2013


Today I was just about to blog from here, the (finally cleaned up-) porch.
With not-too-hot weather, the kind where you're constantly looking up to the sky to see if the rain has started yet, such that won't make you feel guilty for not sitting outside enjoying the summer day, but still with a soft pleasant breeze sweeping in from the open door I was kind of looking forward to this moment of almost-outdoor computeering bliss.  Had a a pesto-avocado sandwich and some lemon juice waiting for me and Dag sleeping outside in the pram right under the window, Eddi at work and the rest of the kids at swim-school nearby.

And then I am all one-two-three-peaceful afternoon begins NOW when Dag wakes up and is all totally pissed off at everything, they way it sometimes is for the little ones too.


Anonymous said...

such a peaceful corner! so nostalgic :) have fun with the kids! N.

Retro Model Sari said...

Looks so cosy and nice!!!!! Envious!

Eva-Lynn said...

So cute and lovely! x