Thursday, 25 July 2013




No. (here with bonus speeding cat)


 And no.

 No way...


Trying to get a photo of your toddler a) not moving and b) looking into the camera and c) catching an actual expression instead of those in-between chancing face ones that makes the child look drunk or full of rage (as well as trying to be in focus yourself) turns out to be harder than one'd think.

We went in to town today so I dressed Dag up in something that actually is a pyjamas but I think works pretty nicely as a light and comfy summer suit! That's one suave little toddler over there.


Mama D said...

Cutu, cute, cute!

Katja said...

We love Dag! - Pieter, oma Anny and Katja ;)

tanïa said...

He's supercute! A model. Well, IF you get the picture. Finally. ;o)

Kelly said...


Sara Kristiina said...

Aw he's handsome little fellow!

Sarah said...

It's the hat, darling.
The hat makes the man.
Even if he is a toddler.

Unknown said...

So cute! I'd realy apreciate it if you'd check out my blog
thanks :)

Maruf Abdullah said...

So nice post. I laughed so much. Thanks for this entertain.