Monday, 30 June 2014


 Last weekend we took a daytripp with the smaller version of our family (which would be the version sans Dag's half-brothers) and headed up to Tampere to attend the Suvi Vintage fair.
This year the theme was the 1930's and holidays.

I've made the poster for the event  three years in a row but never managed to check out the whole thing before now!

Dag saw the carousel the minute we arrived and that was it for him.

Det var kört så att säga, as one would say in Swedish.
And you know how it is with toddlers, it does not matter if they get to do something they want once or twice or five times, they cry just as much when it's over anyway. Well, as the vendor said, his best customers leave screaming!

So I left Eeeeengi! (that's what Dag shouts when he hears me calling for Eddi) with some coins at the carousel and went to check out the rest of the fair.

 And I immediately ran into this bunch!

 Lassi organises the whole thing.

 Pepper and her curls. She made Lassi's hat btw!

 Olivia and Those Nails!

Atelieri O.Haapala were there shooting their ever so popular cabinet portraits too. Here is the other half of the duo; Saara aka Onyxei Haapala.

The venue, Tallipiha, is a very pretty place!

 This little fella walking his grandma (or more likely mom, but grandma makes it sweeter!) was so cute!

And so were these very young dancers.

I actually did not buy anything! I'm not really good at shopping when there is a lot to choose from and when I don't really need anything. Which makes me rather smart in the end.
Well, I did get something lovely for both my sisters' future babies though!

Some days it's easy to go anywhere with kids -they are fine to just go along looking at things- and other days it is not. This could be described as the later. Here Dag is trying to make his most cute faces in order to get yet another round of the carousel.

 So we let him look at some real horses instead.

 And he got to ride a pony!

And then it was time to head home! But first some pancakes.


tanïa said...

Oh my god, I wish we had something similar here...that looks like a fabulous event! And little Dag! So cute in his outfit, even with his beggar face!! Awww! Perfect summer day (well, apart from the crying boy of course, hihi)...

Konad-licious said...

Dag. I. Can't. Even. He is soooo adorabley cute I could pop him into an oven and chomp him all up...nom nom nom. (Not really, but you know.)

Patricia said...

You all look so good! What an interesting venue, too! I adore your blog.

Mama D said...

Looks fab. And your little family looks just adorable :) said...

Cutest kid ever :D
I love the pics !


Miss Rascal said...

Jag dooor! Vilken tjusig liten herre! :D