Friday, 22 May 2015


My new booties have been put into immediate use. Good for them, good for me.

I  reclaimed one of my oldTrashy Diva dresses which I have not worn in quite a long time. It's the "liquor dress" -

 - it has a novelty style pattern with different liquor labels on.
I bought it from the Trashy Diva shop few years back when we visited New Orleans.

Now I'm thinking of letting it travel to London with me.

I'm leaving on Sunday. I hate packing for short trips. (Because then you somehow need more clothes the when you are away for a long time.) I hate having to choose what shoes to wear, shoes that you can bla bla walk around in all day. Well in any case I hope it will be warm; it finally got warm here. Warm and sunny and fabulous please!