Friday 15 May 2015


I don't have any shoes.

That is not completely true. It fact it is not true at all. But a sneaky little part of me of me feels so. Things are different from when I lived downtown and used to, well, I'm not even sure what I used to do before I had a child and combined it with working 24/, go out on town and such. Now I go out to the playground, to our studio and to work related meetings in the city and perhaps hang out a bit in the countryside as well all in one day and the weather is shit here most of the year and I can't wear my nice pretty heels when doing all that. So, at this point in life I need to work on the more practical side of my closet (blah). It needs some more boots.

So these little ones from Bait shall help me out from now on.

Very soft and with a polka dot lining.

Probably not that practical for when the weather is shit here, but hey, you can't have it all at once now can you.


Kitschy Mama said...

I love those boots! And I bet that color looks great on you :)

Porcelina said...

What an utterly drool-worthy pair of boots, I'm in love with them! I love the shape of the heel and the little fan shape logo. You can never have enough boots when you live in a colder climate, I have so many pairs myself.

Jenna H. said...

Those boots are gorgeous! I would wear these all the time!
-Jenna <3
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