Monday, 4 May 2015


I have a plant at home that has been with me since my first ever own flat. If you think about it, it's kind of funny that plants can get so old. But of course they can. I know of some geraniums that somebody's grandmother planted back in the days.

This one is obviously a green plants that is easy to take care of, as I have managed to kill of quite many plants over the years too. It has produced many new plants that are spread out in the house and at the farm and at friens' houses. And those new plants in return have produced new baby-plants as well.

That kind of makes them like plant-grandchildren.

This one is waiting for a new home at my sister's.

And this is the newest offspring;  two actually (two branches cut off and re-planted) - their parent had grown huge. I didn't have a suitable pot for this one but no problem, one can always use a tin jar instead. (The plant itself is in a smaller planting-pot for now, standing on some gravel in the jar.)


Bobbi said...

Beautiful plant! Your little cactus plants are cute, too. I think that having plants and flowers make a home cozier.

Alma said...

Your house look like a kindergarten for plants, which is quite interesting. Never though of this.