Friday, 1 May 2015


This year I left out on all of the Valborg- and First of May celebrations and partying. For the first time in my life actually; I have been out in the park on this day since my first ever Vappu as a little baby with a big balloon in a pram! (A couple of years ago it was Dag's turn to be that First-of-May-baby).

It is the biggest carnival day of the year over here (I will leave out any wikipedia and other wonderweb links this time, but they are out there en masse), so it feels a bit odd to just stay at home and do
nothing. Not a drop of mead or bubbly, no crumb of funnel cake or sugar donut, (which is what is usually had on this day. Although that was mostly since I did not make it to the store in time.) To be fair to myself htough; I have not been doing nothing-nothign -last night I held a pilates practice class I have a show to do tonight. It is also pretty cold out there today too, which have not stopped me past years but today I did not feel like putting 'freezing my derriere off' on the agenda. (And every time I think about things like this it feels so strange that I worked outdoors by the sea for twelve years. Shiver. How did I really manahe that.)
However, tomorrow I'll drop the calm vibes and head out to throw and host and perform at our very own recurring club in Café Mascot! This time: Leopardiklubi; leopard themed in honour of the International Leopard Day (which is really just a day for wearing leopard print, although you could of course take a moment and think about and perhaps donate and help endagered felines too).

So if you've been out there for two days, HANG IN THERE until tomorrow and see you at Mascot!

Photo by me.

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