Friday, 2 December 2011


Whenever I wear this outfit I get some scholar vibes. Maybe it's the bag. In combination with the jacket. And the beret. Plus the shorter hem, don't know. (It also makes me feel a bit like this one here -or here- which btw is one of the most wtf costumes around; in my opinion.)

Another btw is that  I've been looking like this a lot lately; it is one of those "in disguise" outfits - you know the ones I tend to go for when busy and working and want to be comfy and so on, hiding pretty much anything under a proper jacket and that same old beret of mine. The dress is a 60's styled a-line jersey dress with white details I got late last summer (from Seppälä) and has really come in handy at both fancier occasions and for just pulling over ones head at 5:30 AM when heading to work. (You know,  I am getting really tired of those early mornings. But tomorrow it's time again, at zero five ten. Damn!)

 The boots are from Seppälä too and the rest is vintage-shmintage.


Rebeccak said...

Haha that costume in your link is totally bizarre!!!

I can imagine once it starts to get cold all you want is warmth - and aren't too fussed about the rest! I know I would be!

Anonymous said...

Your hair is just gorgeous!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Rebeccak: But oh no, not really - I am rather keen on what I wear also when it's cold! And keen on being warm :) Because you can combine your own style and cold weather; although some do go for the arctic look too... Strangely enough we've had "October weather" until about today, as om very warm, but now it's a few degrees on the minus side.

Anonymous : thanks, it's old worn out picurls brushed into a 'do!

Little Rascal said...

You look stunning and that's hard to do in winter gear. :)

janettaylor said...

Fantastic outfit... so inspired!

KaryAnn said...

I think you look gorgeous! Sort of a French undercover agent from the 1960's on official business, fashionably so!