Sunday, 16 December 2007


Since I went out on both Thursday and Friday and had lots of work to do stayed home yesterday on Saturday night. I was working until 5 in the morning on a pattern with latin-kitsch rose vibes for a package, very many details, very tiring. Sometimes in the middle of the night I had a moment of despair and ate all the pieces from my chocolate calendar that my thoughtful mother had given me (one of those nice calendars with actually good chocolate, not that kind of crappy one that kids get). I did save number 24, I didn't just have the heart to open that one too.

Those small little pieces left me craving for more so today I gave myself some chocolate pampering with a chocolate facial mask and with Freeman's Brown-sugar Chocolate body scrub (the jar says "do not eat" in big letters. It's good to be reminded because it smells so delicious). And I just love Montagne Jeunesses' chocolate mud mask! I have no idea weather my skin looks any more smooth or not, but it feels just like putting choclate pudding on you cheeks, all soft and cool and nice smelling, yum.

Then I went christmas shopping and bought some of my favourite chili-chocolate to put back in the calendar so I'd have something to open until christmas (...but I ate those too while making the drawing... I'm such a chocolate slob!)

( And if I write the word chocolate one more time today I'm going to scream.)

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