Thursday, 27 December 2007


I had som really nice gifts for Christmas, and me being very tired that evening I was so touched by the effort some had done I felt like crying all the time. Wino me.

My sister gave me this book, and I'm really happy about it, I love it:

J's sister gave me this adorable vintage purse from her shop:

(I have this thing with sailor stuff. Not only because of my sailor style tattoos and J, but also because of where I have worked, when I did the whole "heavy-labour thing". I guess I have to return to that topic someday...)

And then my dear friend K gave me this. She so knows I love Klaus Haapaniemi!

Inside where the cutest gingerbreads ever, even with a piggie that said "veggie":

Lulu likes the gingerbreads, but she can't hav'em:

J gave me a new Wacom drawing pen and pad. Thats such an amazingly nice gift, because I really needed that!

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