Friday, 28 December 2007


Ok, red is sort of the colour of Christmas. But why do so many of us insist on wearing red during the holidays too? Red candles, red tablecloths, red glitter, red sweaters. Red red red. You sit at christmas dinner and everyone has like a red shirt or scarf on or so.

...well, I'm wearing red anyway. Because it's nice. Especially this little puffed-sleeve knit. J says it makes me look like a little adorable grandma. (without the cute wrinkles I hope:)

I've had this necklace with a frame for quite some time but I haven't wore it, I didn't like the chain because it was so thick and when I tried it with a thinner one it just loked stupid. But it's actually quite nice. I'm gonna have it more often. (I'm not sure about the butterfly though, I just like the frames). Can't remeber who made it, but it was from a small shop with a lot of things by small brands and designers.

And for the first time this season, I was wearing my mothers old suede boots. She had them for many years and this is the tenth year I'm wearing them! Go boots I say!

Otherwise, I've been stuffing myself - I got a lot of marzipan (that along with chocolate and dates and dried fruits in general is what I most rahter put in my mouth) and Ive eaten almost everything already, uuuh. And I also had some dates and chocolate and there aint' much left of those either. So this evening I went for a really hard savate work-out training (to be able to eat the rest, that is) adn now my muscles are aiching, but in a nice way. And J is back for two weeks now so earlier we had luch at his oldest sister and her family today. ( I noticed once again that I'm so not ready for kids. Sweet, but uh-oh not yet. You have to do stuff with them all the time. They just dont' get enough of anyting. And J told this toddler not to have choclate and she started crying her head of. Oh my.)

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Miss Woo said...

I think I ate my bodyweight in food this Christmas, I'll save the regret for new year resolutions. Your red jumper looks very cute, love the puff sleeves.