Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Some outfit spotting:
This one girl was wearing a bright red wool jacket with a brigt purple scarf. Not the kind of colour combination I would do, but the strong colours looked really nice on her!

Then I saw this other girl with adorable braids in her hair who was wearing an all-knit outfit, layer on layer, except for her leather jacket and boots. Very cute.

I'm not sure my drawing does this outfit justice, but this girl was very retro chic. I saw her waiting for a tram in a huge cape with a deep red beret, matching stockings and a very lady like purse.

Then I ran in to my old colleague from the clothing store. He looked really good in a short square-cut sailor jacket, very skinny black jeans and awesome vintage shoes that he had coloured red with leatherpaint (I didn't know you could do that), the original colour cognac showing just a bit where the paint had wore off around the edges. Great.


Chris said...

I like the red-purple one. Very nice drawing style.

laura said...

wow, i love your drawings, so well-made. (:

freelancer's fashionblog said...

Thanks, how nice of you :)