Monday, 3 December 2007


Knitted dress - H&M
T-shirt - Diesel
Shoes - Vagabond
Legwarmers - old
pin - Ansa

For me, monday is like an extended sunday. I sort of start my week on Tuesdays, so today we slept late and took it easy. It's J's (my boyfriend's) last night home before he leaves for work again, so we did some stuff toghether; went swimming and cooked dinner. Toghether with our two cats we went to our friends' place to let meet their two cats to see if they all get along. Then our cats could stay there over new year's when J is back and we go to Amsterdam. (The cats didn't get along that well but they didn't fight either so we'll see what happens...)

And today I did my makeup like I haven't done for years (I'm so stuck to my black eyeliner) - with a blue pen and electric blue mascara on the lower lashes. Quite refreshing, and nice to do something "out of the usual". Hmm, once I'm at it I might aswell wear my flat shoes tomorrow.

(I'm not sure about legwarmers as an accessory btw. It looks nice sometimes and kind of I-just-came-from-dance-class casual, but sometime it's just so wrong. But today was really cold and wet so I guess it's ok)

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