Wednesday, 19 December 2007


During the weekend I spent too many hours on making the rose-style pattern (that turned out not to actually be that "rosy" after all) for a package for a product range for a small clothing label. (Uh, what a long scentence). Too many hours considering the pattern plays suchs a small part in the actual package, and will propably be quite unnoticed. But on the other hand, I enjoy working with things like that, detailed ornaments and so on. And in a way its a bit funny that most of the patterns I make and like are quite detailed, when the patterns I wear or have in my home are more simple and graphic (must be some left-over from my hippie years when I was a teenager drew a lot).

Since I've made the pattern anyway and it will be shown on the package in only one form I played a little bit arund with it, forming different combinations with the elements. I love the color combination of white and gray and use t a lot - too much maybe- when I work so I played with some colours too. Made it into snowflakes and made christmas cards out of it and thought of kitchen towels, tapestry and underwear with it... Heh, but maybe it would just be best for gift wrapping paper.

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