Monday, 28 January 2008


This weekend I wore the same dress on both friday and saturday but in two different ways. I'm not used to wearing white (or almost-white as this dress is) or just pale colours in general, it makes me feel somewhat different than normal. But after some red wine I forgot about that totally.


Miss Woo said...

Love the dress! Where is it from? I have been embracing pale colours as well recently. Though I'm staying away from the red and keeping to white wine to avoid the all to possible spillage..

Miss Woo said...
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freelancer's fashionblog said...

The dress is H&M Organic Cotton colletcion.
I'm very happy wiwth it, it's loose, flowing and comfy but I ran into my old roomate and he asked if I was pregnant (since I was holding a beer and a cigarette I didn't take him too seriously though :)

I'm also really proud I didn't spill any of the wine on myself because that would be just typical.