Tuesday, 22 January 2008


I'm so addicted to Power Cow chocolate milkshake! I have at least two a day.

Cardigan - old, Dress - H&M, Belt - thirfted
Shoes - Fabbri, Socks - borrowed

I have never been able to wear heels in January until now. It's so warm and there is no snow! Well it's a bit sad actually but hey, I'm still wearing my autumn shoes!

I know the combination of thick granny-knitted socks (which I borrowed from my friend because they were so fine)might seem a bit strange but it was quite fun to wear. Outside I had this outfit with my short black sailor jacket and, as always, the black beret. I though it was quite cute.

And no, I dind't cut or colour my hair, it is still blond and the cut still inspired by Bettie Page. But it's good with a little variation and I just can't go around drawing myself all the time now can I? So if I'd be a tall redhead this is what I'd have looked like today ok.


The Clothes Horse said...

Nice outfit and the illustration is sweet.

Miss Woo said...

I think you should GO for the tall red head look;) and I layering thick socks over tights too, I get cold easily so its ideal.

freelancer's fashionblog said...

Clothes Horse: Thanks.

Miss Woo: Yes I started feeling the whole sassy redhead thing. But I should be a bit more pale for that to look great. Sadly I can't add tallness :)

ina said...

redhead could be cool for a while, but it's also more difficult with some clothes...