Monday, 21 January 2008


I bet a lot of people get really dissapointed. When I look at my stats, a lot of poeple have found my blog through googling rockabilly blog, rockabilly fashion blog, rockabilly girl etc etc. and last but not least rockabilly boys dress (the last one is a bit weird, isn't it?). But then when one enters my blog I don't really go that much on about rockabillies at all... (I bet after all these rocka-this and rocka-that words I just wrote I will be the #1 the next one someone searches for rockabilly-something).

Well, I'm still in to all that and I'd love to wear more/post more outfit drawings of my 50's dresses but most of them are summerdresses and it's winter now so that'll just have to wait. I'd also go to more gigs and write about them if I only had the time.

I just thought I'd point this out due to all the searches...

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