Monday, 28 January 2008


Mr. Single-in-the-city

After Z's great farewell dinner, lots of wine and too many cigarettes on Saturday night we hit the town for some serious moneyspending and fun. K, who was "single in the city" for this weekend and this weekend only (it should be said with quite a lot of irony. I also had to remind her that I'm "single in the city" 50% of the time due to J's job...), and I noticed there were a lot of rudeboys around town. And I don't mean guys behaving badly, but having the style. Then I remembered that there would've been a great ska gig the same night that I would've wanted to go to. (Well, I didn't, but I had an even better time among my friends anyway). K and I also spotted on very stylish guy that could've come straight out of a scene from Control. So, of course, we told him that we liked his style but he was actually a bit, well, if not rude, then very smug, just raising his eyebrows and saying "yes". Then he hanged around a bit close to us just trying to look über cool. But we of course were even cooler and left the place for a better party elsewhere. Oh, either way, he looked great, very preppy, new wave-ish, quite punk.

Yesterday on Sunday we drove out of town to J's father and his wife for Sunday dinner. It's only about 40km away from the center, but there was still full winter with snow and ice on the lake and all. We went to the sauna and for the first time in my life I swam (ok, I did't really swin but I did go in all the way) in a frozen lake. Refreshing.


Sveta said...

great looking guy, major minus points for smugness though.. :)

SpiegelEule said...

nice to hear that he'll move over here. maybe they have more fans here in germany :D