Thursday, 10 January 2008


Last summer I was browsing through a tattoo magazine (I actually enjoy that more than Vogue sometimes:)and read an article about 666 Photography. I am so totally in love with all the prints they make, the photographer Gayla is amazing and does all the styling herself too.

I just can't get enough of the pics, I could eat them:

But unlike the Vogue girls below, these tattoos are real


The Clothes Horse said...

Those images are riveting and real tattoos are much better than fake ones.

Blaspheme Bourne said...

I love this work! So much that methinks I'll post it on my blog next week (with credit to you for the find). Haute!!

— Blas

freelancer's fashionblog said...

It's always great to show something that's new to people and to hear they like it, great!

And sure Blas, you should definitely post about it :)

Safari Lee said...

Hehe! I thought exactly that when I saw that Vogue cover in my newsagent! I am heavily tattooed (an ex-model, now jeweller) and my partner is a tattoo artist. I never thought I'd see tats on Vogue... but what a shame they're not real :)

Brisbane Hotels said...

Nice photos. So colorful. Kudos!