Monday, 7 January 2008


Today I'm still sick but I feel a lot better and I like this stage - you can take it easy without feeling guilty about not doing anything. I've been watching movies, going through magazines and drinking different kinds of teas and hot juices. I've been making colourful and healthy food and listening to Bollywood hits (I really like Kishore Kumar and this is a great song - but the video is really cheezy and his outfit out of this world so if you watch it just listen and look away :). I've been cooking with my favourite spices like cardamom and coriander, so it smells nice at home.

Why does one always have soup when sick? Well I can catually think of quite many reasons and anyway, I really like soups so I don't mind. Yestarday I made a soft green puree soup of broccoli spinach and potatoes, then a chili-tomatoe soup with chunks of mozzarella and today's soup is a carrot puree soup with ginger, coriander and light creme fraice. Then I made some oven-baked apples with cardamom and honey and had some blackcurrant juice. Yumyum.

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