Wednesday, 26 March 2008


We went out last weekend and K and her mobilephone was photographer of the night. In hard times it's great with good friends!

Paula and I were both wearing bows in our hair quite by accident.
My diamond on the jacket is really trying to outshine us.

My good old friend I once nicknamed JulienFrost is pro-Kosovo

Paula. One of my absloute best friends.

K was wearing a really nice pink blouse.

And I was wearing a black dress that I've made.

Last post was sad but now I'm back in action!


The Clothes Horse said...

Your (both of you) hair and makeup looks so lovely. I like how you both wear bows but they look so different with haircuts/choice of material/and tying style.

ina said...

ok, the bows look really great - think I soon must hook on to that trend, too... =)

Miss Woo said...

You really are very pretty, its great to see all these new outfits photos in the blog (though not that I don't adore the illustrations!) ;)

Sanna said...

You're seriously becoming one of my few style icons. I just love your wicked sense of style, your illustrations and those tattoos. I guess you don't mind me linking you.

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

The Clothes Horse: thanks. Ibasically always wear the same make up, except for changing the lipstick colour. It works for me but I think I should try something new every now and then too...

Ina: Yes and wear it with you soon-to-be polkadot dress!

MissWoo: well thanks. First I wasn't going to put any photos here at all, but since I like the blogs best with a lot of photos I decided I have to contribute myself too :)

sanna: oh wow, thank you, that's very flattering. And of course I don't mind.

MsPea said...

I think you are just kewl! Most of all I love your sketching and absolutely your kewl style!! Your my inspiration!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Thanks MsPea :)