Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Outfit of yesterday (it's all h&m, except fot the pepita patterned Dumond shoes with a black cap).

The difficultness of finding a perfect black skirt. I like the one I was wearing today, even though it's on the edge of being a bit too short for my figure (unless I wear really thick tights it's close to looking a bit vulgar or too lolita-like).

Sometime it's difficult to find basic wardrobe elements that'll go with everything - even though one would think that's the easiset part. It's mostly the blacks that are hard to find for me -the perfect black trousers (ok, I almost never wear pants but I used to back in the days), the perfect black handbag that's good for every occasion, and last but not least : the perfect black skirt.

Ok, to be honest I don't even know why I would need to find the absolute perfect one - I do have a big wardrobe and I like to vary my outfits so why can't I just be satisfied with the fact that I have several good pieces of black skirts - this really short one, one longer and more flowing, a couple of tight pencil skirts and a suspender skirt. But I somehow miss the skirt in-between; a medium lenght, quite wide but not too puffy high waisted black skirt that would be perfect with all of my outfits, no matter what occasion. I've been thinking of sewing one - I used to make almost all my clothes myself a few years back - but I just don't seem to find the time.


Danz said...

I LOVE your fantastic illustrations, love the style especially the use of the negative space (especially the hands on the hips). The outfit is very cute too. Would you like to link?

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Oh thank you :) I'll add you fr sure as soon as I get on it to update my link-list!

Melissa Herder said...

don't know if you're still looking... but the Gap has this absolutely gorgeous mid-length high-waisted black skirt in their "European Style" section... internet only, it's not in the stores... and it fits beautifully. i've found my perfect black skirt :D