Friday, 21 March 2008


I've always admired the ones who are good with taking advantage of the empty space of the paper. Somethimes less is more. Drawing just and only the right strokes is not something everyone is capable of doing.

Japanses artist Ohgushi is a master in this field. He paints in rolls and sweeps of sumi ink on traditional Japanese paper. His works are mostly considered contemporary bijinga (which means "pictures of beautiful women"). And he does some of them amazingly quickly, you can view some live-painting clips of him on youtube.

Takeshi Ohgushi was born in 1977 and is self taught. He has made lots of magazine editorials and covers, advertising and collaborated with fashion houses.

For more eye-candy, visit his portfolio:

(...but otherwise. The whole thing with drawings of beautiful women. Sometimes it annoys me. Don't get me wrong, I think works like Ohgushis are wonderful. I think women in art are beautiful, as the female is generally considered the more beautiful sex. But the whole theme is so used somehow. Etsy for example is full of adorable prints of pretty girls with flowers and feathers and all. I'm not saying there's anyting wrong with it, it just bores me out a bit. Why do we find it so appealing? And why is it that drawings/paintings of beautiful men are mostly of a more erotic kind and almost only gay. -Ok, linking to art by Tom of Finland may be an example more on the heavier side, but really, try googling "pictures of beautiful women" - and "pictures of beautiful men" and see what happens.

Oh well, I get the point though -I totally love Mucha, but I guess his work just wouldn't be the same if they featured men with, eh, flowing beards and long locks or so...)


Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Oh these are so pretty. I like the patterns that emerge.

Danz said...

These illustrations are giving me palpitations. They're gorgeous! The first one in particular is pure genius. I'm a fan of Mucha as well.

Silly Girl said...

love this drawings... like ur style and I'm just glad I've discovered ur blog! :)

u've got talent and looks!

wish u good luck
and may u live interesting times from now on as well!