Tuesday, 11 March 2008


I had a really nice weekend, we did lots of nice stuff (and in other words: spent a lot of money). So this week will be all about working and eating noodles and veggie soup at home.

J is about to start on a new ship and that includes a new haircut as well. On friday I took him to this one retro barber shop with a great reputation and his locks went from 1969 to 61 - he came out with a nice mod cut. Then we went for dinner at a hip place. It was quite early with just a few people dining, and suddenly we heard someone shouting "fucking fuck!!!" from the kitchen. Everyone in the room heard it but it was more funny than embarrassing and whatever the chef had fucked up back there it wasn't at least my food since it tasted great.

Saturday we went bowling, to the tattoo convention (which was crap but I got shot for my favorite tattoo magazine in their studio backstage and that was nice), then eating (again)and then out. Fun fun fun. On Sunday we went for Nepalese and then (finally) to see Sweeney Todd (surprisingly all the singing didn't bother me as much as I had expected).

J left for Newcastle to go to one course that's required before he joins the new ship. And I'm going to work and work out and try not to go see if there are any new goodies in the secondhand store close to me and not to go check out this one new fifties shop that has just opened (and that has wonderful retro underwear....)

Well, this is what we were wearing in the weekend (when J sees this he's going to thin that I'm the silliest person in the world drawing both of us but hey, this blog is mostly about clothes and he looked great so here we go:)

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