Thursday, 20 March 2008


Sometimes I'm more of a rock chick than a lady. Or something in between.

T-shirt – Sailor Jerry
Skirt - handmade (by me)
Bag - from a bazaar in Tunisia
Pumps - Attitude

I've been listening a bit to the The Detroit Cobras lately. That's a quite cool band name. And they're hot.

Still not really in the mood for drawings, nor having the time.
There are too many changes in the air.


The Clothes Horse said...

You look somewhere in between the two and wholly stylish.

ina said...

I like that bag, you know..

ina said...

and, btw, now I see that you made that skirt yourself - good work!

ameli said...

Hi there! I just love your blog, and most of all your clothes. =) Is there any chance that you can share the pattern for this skirt to me? Maybee as a PDF or something?

Lots of love from a cold, snowy Sweden
( ameli_h @ )