Wednesday, 12 March 2008


I have two cats, but Lulu is the more attention seeking one of them and therefore I mostly have pictures of her, not of her brother.

She loves to sneek in to my bags whenever she gets a chance. Now she found my gym bag (with an Andy Warhol pattern. Bought it from some brandoutlet shop some years ago.)

Sometimes she is just so heartbrakeingly cute.


ina said...

haha - too cute! I once tried to put my dog in a bag when he was a puppy, but he ended up not being my friend for a few minutes after that... Fortuantely he's a forgiving kind of dog. Well, some dogs like bags though, I guess.
Does Lulu like to be carried around in it also?

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

She likes to get carried around at home, for a while. I tried to tatke her out once in the bag but it didn't work - she jumped out as soon as I stepped put of the door.

laia. said...

my cat LOVES to be in bags too.
she's all black like your Lulu as well.
yr illustrations are very nice.