Friday, 7 March 2008


...I wear my anchor dress instead.

Dress - SailorJerry men's shirt modified by me
Earrings- from
Jacket - Zara, borrowed from my sister
White suede boots, cardigan, cap and bag - old old old

I went to a gig the other night to listen to my friend's band. The band is average but their on-stage presence is great and my friend is without a doubt the best guitar player in this country, or, atleast in town.

Wearing white boots when the pavement, just like I predicted, looks like a mix of melted licorice icecream and ice frappuchino, might not be the smartest thing. But luckily for me I happen to live jsut opposite to where the gig was at. And for the rest of the time, I had my non-ecological day and drove around in our oh-so-awsome-car. So, my boots are still (quite) white and dry :)

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the earrings are really great - old school stuff is always good...