Friday, 30 October 2009


I love fake lashes. The bigger, the better. In general I only wear them for shows or photoshoots since I get pretty much of my own lashes with a good mascara as well, but sometimes I might wear them in every day us as well, just for the fun of it.

Here are some of my best lash-tips for you:

* I've noticed alot of "how-to's" out there on the web when it coems to applying the lashes. My best tip for applying is the same old mantra that I've mentioned with so many other things : practice makes master. There's no other way.

* Be sure to choose a good, professional glue. All of us Itty Bitties use Duo.

* When you shop for lashes alwyas take one size bigger, fuller and longer than you first intended to. They still look pretty different on you than in their box. And what's the use of wearing false lashes if you don't look like straight out of a make up ad? In my opinion at least.

* You can modify the lashes a bit yourself; a lot of lashes are very long but rahter thin, for stage use I'm after a few thick long "cartoon-like" ones that will show from a far; I used a bit of water and glue to stick the lashes together to achieve the effect. Make Up Store has a couple of lashes ("Circus Holiday")with the right look that doesn't need modification.

* The thinner the lining of the lashes the better. Some may look nice with a linig of rhinestones or glitters but it will make them harder to glue on correctly. The ones with the lashes attached to a thin, almsot unnoticeable silicone strip are the best. You can always add a line of glitter or diamonds yourself later (you can buy those on pre-glued strips).

* Some recommend to put mascara on your lashes before applying the fake ones or to put eyeliner on afterwards. I say never! Do all other make up first. I put mascara on last, only a little, to make the fake ones stick to my own better. Sometimes I might have to fill in a bit more on the eye-liner afterwards.

* I never put the glue directly on the lashes, but on a small piece of paper and then, with the help of a pair of tweezers or a cotton pin, attach it onto the lashes. I use the tweezers for application help too. When applying I first check that it fits my outer corner correctly, but I press the lashes down in the middle first, then the corners. I glue them on my own lashes, right on the root, not on my skin. If there has to be more glue added to the edges put som on the tweezers and carefully add some. After a few second I press the lashes a bit upwards, then add mascara.

* As you may know you should cut the lashes to the lenght of your eye. My eyes are pretty wide so I seldom have to, but alwyas chekc the lenght before you start. You can use the small bits of the lashes cut off for a star-like effect; glue them "up sie down" in the outer corner of your eyer, under you underlahses. Seal with mascara.

* You can use the same lashes many times, but you have to clean them in between use. Carefully rip off the dried glue with a pair of tweezers. Afterwards I press the lashes against a make up removal pad and gently wipe them clean, after which I press them onto a tissue. Let them dry for a whole and place them in their box to keep their shape.

* It's fun to play around. Now for our Zombie Halloween show I'm going to wear huge lahes under my eye for a holed-eye effect, that will still make me look good.


Ruby Roulette said...

Brilliant thank you for the advice! I was just sitting here getting ready for Halloween trying to get my damn lashes on properly

daisymay said...

Thats really helpful, I am planning to wear my first set of fake lashes tomorrow night! wish me application luck!

zigzagga said...

Tell me beautiful, where do you buy your lashes usually?

Ilona said...

Oh, I think I have never cleaned my false lashes after using them... Thanks for the advice! ;)

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Ruby & Daisymay : Maybe it'd be a good idea to try the lashes on a couple of time first before applying your Halloween makeup. Good luck, hope you'll get a fine night!

Zagzagga : From those masquerade stores (what's the preoper name for them in English?) and from make up stores. YOu get them from a lot of other places too but I prefer the more professional ones.

Ilona : You're welcome. They really do last a lot longer that way!

Anonymous said...

would you believe that this week was the first time i managed to put fake lashes on all by myself..usually let the good people at MAC do it for me

Cheryl Lynn said...

Wow! Wonderful advice for applying fake eyelashes. I love the look but have the darndest time applying them.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Jill said...

This is like à gift from the gods. I'm hosting à party in two weeks, wanted to wear false eyelashes but no clue how to apply them. Thanks à lot! I love your blog, you write really well, and you're absolutely gorgeus!

WendyB said...

For me, the sign of a great night is that I'm wearing fake lashes and a faux-ny tail.

Lisa Grace said...

Thanks for the tips! I always have the worst luck with fake lashes, hopefully this advice will come in handy :)

Rosie Unknown said...

That's it, I really must get some fake lashes to play around with!

gem fatale said...

Great tips! I love lashes. I am a fairly recent convert!
I could never get them to stay on until I learnt that, as you say, cutting down to size is crucial!

Prefecta said...

To this I would add that the first pair of lashes should be long (the longer the better) because it's so much easier to practice with it 'cos there's plenty to grab. You can go for shorter once your mastering long ones.

Katie said...

Thanks so much for these tips this is really helpful! X

jewlover2 said...

Very nice tips! I agree w/ most of them w/only a slight variance. I do always apply my mascara first, simply because I find that my lashes last longer if I don't put mascara on them. I then use a dry mascara spoolie to 'weave' the fake and real lashes together.
I also find that using a pin to apply the glue in an even line to the back of the lash, I have less mess and get longer wear.

Thanks so much for your wonderful blog.

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