Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Every now and then, quite often actually, I get the question weather I always dress up, what I wear when hanging around the house, do I ever wear jeans and sneakers (no, but I quite often go to work like this) , do I " always look vintage" (I hope nobody gets offended but that question amuses me a bit, as you know, I do not aim to look like anything except than just good although my inspiration may come from the old days) and so on.

It of course really depends on the day and my schedule, but if I'm not going anywhere in particular I naturally choose not to wear the most delicate clothes but go for those more durable and, most of all, comfortable pieces in my closet. I prefer those kinds of items that can easily go from leisurly dressed into being dressed. In winter for example, my vintage knitted skirt that stretches in the waist.

Here is a new favorite of mine; the black soft Vivien-dress made by my friend Olivia Rouge:
Comfy as a night gown, but easily dressed up with some lipstick and heels! (note that I asked to have mine made a bit longer, the model on this dress is shorter in the shop)

And also, note that Olivias shop can be viewed in English nowadays and she also ships worldwide without you needing to write some extra emails, just click and buy!


Anonymous said...

Yaaaaay for english website!

Olivia Rouge said...

Jee sehän näyttää ihan kivalta! :)

Day said...

I'm fall in love for your red shoes!!!


The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Ollivia : jepp! Mut se oli pikkasen iso, otin sitä vähän sisään kyllä :)

Olivia Rouge said...

Ok! Yritin sitä kattoo nukella jolla oli sun mitat että ois ollu ok mut tää on noitten joustavien kankaitten kaa vähä tämmöstä..mrää!

Kerry said...

I just can't imagine wandering around the house in heels and lipstick, much as I would absolutely love to.

This is going to be my New Year's resolution I think.

mizztraveller said...

love u second pose :)

Anonymous said...

I love your interior, the red chairs are so pretty :)

Dave Feucht said...

I totally understand being amused by that question (do you always look "vintage"?). I get similar reactions when people see my bicycle (which is from 1953), and wonder if I ride it in order to look "vintage" - but actually it's just a really well-made, practical bicycle, the kind which not many people make anymore, at least, outside of mainland Europe.

There seems to be an idea here that you must make your choices in order to fit a particular group or stereotype, not just simply making choices which fit your personal need, desire or inclination for something.

I find that when I dress up for work, it feels nice to come home and dress down a bit (especially if I'm cooking, so I don't get food on my suit or shirts or something). I suspect for you it's the opposite, since you dress rather practically for work by necessity, I imagine it feels nice to come home and dress up a bit :)

I also think that, while it's nice to have a partner who you feel you can relax with and be frumpy at home and still comfortable if you want, it's also nice sometimes to dress up for nobody but them and just feel pretty/handsome and as if you're having a special event, just being at home together - because who defines what is a special event if not you? And what is a special event if not one that is focused on you relating to that other person :)

In any case, that's a great, classic dress, and looks very cozy as well :)

Dave Feucht said...

Wow, that comment ended up much longer than I intended. Sorry :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you buy those gorgeous red shoes. Me also want!

Karin said...

I used to say that my dream was to be allowed to walk around in pyjamas all day long. Well, now I'm a nurse and so I practically do walk around in pyjamas all day, only they're called scrubs. Let me tell you, "careful what you wish for" was never truer than in my case... Since I began nursing I have swiftly turned from jeans and t-shirt-gal to skirts and dresses-girl on my days off, just to feel like I wear proper clothes at least sometimes!

"Los Angelinos" said...

Let me think... sometimes i also enjoy my self making a different style in which i feel nice, with woolen skirts till the knee, small heels, a shirt and romantic hair. I know that when i do it i feel great and i dont care if the others are not used to it. Yeap the look me a lot it s like the examine me! For me you are not vintage, you are who you really feel... an inspiration for us!

Jennifer said...


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Unknown said...

Great dress - and looks so easy to wear (and no ironing??) and I love the peekaboo baby pink heels I can see in the first pic... may we have a better look?

An idiot at the service station a few weeks ago stopped and said "Halloween was last week you know" while looking me up and down. Le sigh - what do you say to someone so rude, who thinks they are being clever and funny? I just laghed AT him (not at his stupid joke) and walked away. I have also had people ask me about my "costume" when I am wearing what is every day clothing for me.

A small price to pay for being true to who we are. Living authentically is worth the occasional dickhead at the service station!

You're so gorgeous!

Sarah xxx

Elena said...

Great red shoes! And the red lipstick!

mispapelicos said...

I have just found your blog, and i love it. What a high when you find a new and fresh blog to be inspires, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Thank you my lovely.
You are already in my bloroll
Un abrazo from Spain

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

About the red heels: The shoes are 67You, I have had them for years, you've seen them on the blog since day one, almost. You can still get them at for example!

Dave : I agree (and I think long comments are OK when you have something to say :)

Karin : Oh, I know. Not that I walk around in comfy (?I guess so) scrubs but in heavy workwear; overalls and such, it really makes me want to dress up whenever I can :)

Misfit Vintage : you're right, no wrinkles, no ironing :) The pink heels are theses ones:, seen in action here:
and here
for example :)

Neiti J. said...

oh man what a gorgeous lady! been following your blog for a while now and it's always such a nice thing to see that there's new post from you! keep it going:)

Lucia said...

You look so lovely!

I think its really when people dress like you, to elegant! I can't see myself in my house with heels and dresses, but I like to look at picture when someone else does.
I had turning point in my life last summer and got a new haircut+ color, and was actually planning to get a totally new style, dresses, heels, red lipstick, leopard prints, fishnet stockings.. but I am too lacy, so I'l do with the heels and the lipstick, and some leopardprint. I guess I am not skirt/dress kind of woman myself, even if it looks wonderful!

Lucia said...

Christ my misspellings.. its was meant to say Its really NICE when dress like you, SO elegant..

lucia said...

Ännu en sak ;) Använder du ögonfransförlängningar, alltså de där som man gör på salong, som håller 4-5 veckor, och sen ska de förnyas, du vet?
Vet du något om olika metoder, märken?

Tack, mvh,


The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Lucia : jo, jag har haft sedan sommaren. Har faktiskt hunnit testa på tre olika sätt/märken. Tänkte göra en post om det, men med min takt kan det ännu ta månader... Jag hade först Xtrerme lashes som jag gjorde på ett jättedyrt ställe, var fina men blev lite väl dyrt, sedan har min vän gjort åt mig hemma hos henne, blev bra men lite för ihoplimmade, var nu på en "vanlig" salong och det blev jättefint. Rekommenderar nog men det tar en tid innan man blir van med dem! skall försöka skriva lite noggrannare om sådana sen då jag postar om det.

hope505 said...

~ you look great as usual!! ~ and your hair is getting so lllooonnnngg!! To see it down, you really have quite a bit of length there, missy! Fabulous!!