Saturday, 17 September 2011


With some captions this time!

Bourbon Street.
Which was not a sad lonely jazz tune in the night and Tom Waits sipping whiskey, but more something like Pattaya or Viking Amorella. Broken illusions. But there were other streets near by that had more of that jazzy spirit. (That Clover grill was good; Eddi had a great burger there and they had a waiter just like Lafayette. Seriously.)

Husband and horse.

More of those Mardi Gras beads. I like the fact that they're everywhere. The owner of this house came up from around the corner and was all What The Fuck!?! though, until I showed him I only took a shot of his beads. Not his empty porch.

Uptown shot. The French Quarter is, of course, great, but it is worth taking a walk elsewhere too.

...and back in the french Quarter.

There was also one powder to stop gossip! These were sold by a woman known as Priestess Mariam.
Didn't get any though. (But I sure as hell could use some, cruel and evil world.)

Heart covered coffin! There's nobody in it though.

Tomb / prayer.
But for some seriously fancy cemetary photos, check out those by my New Orleans friend Kaylin Idora, whom we also hang out and had a great time with. She has made a book on the subject.

Tomb of Marie Laveau. Although we were told that the scribble on the tomb and the sacrifices actually are shameful, although people obviously do it with good (and selfish, to be granted wisehs etc.) intentions.

Since we traveled by ourselves after Vegas there are not too many photos of us together. But here's one! By the cemetery. If there would be a small goth in each and one of us, mine would celebrate.

The Easy Rider acid scenes were shot here. They had apparently not asked for permission, but filmed it secretly.

Back on 'our' street. The guy who lived in this pretty house introduced us to a Swedish girl who lived across the street, i.e. next to where we were staying. "You're from Scandinavia? Do you know Linda?" Noup, but turned out her roomate was actually Finnish. We did not know her either though. But it was pretty funny.

The sun is setting outside our room. We did not stay at a hotel but rented a room in the courtyard of a house. Very good solution.

Moon over Bourbon Street.
Well not really. As just said that was neon lights all the way. But nearby.

Last, and least indeed - a video I shot on town. Not that much to cheer about cinematically I'm afraid, but there's some ambience for you; young lads playing in the corner of Frenchman and something.

And this will be the end of my (coincidental) New Orleans themed week.


sacramento said...

You are always magical, my dear friend.
Wonderful photos.

mlle.a said...

Thanks for these beautiful pics. So you meet Lafayette's sosie? Really cool!

Miss Meadows said...

OOOOOH! Love the balcony with the curtains! And I might as well tell you that all people from Sweden and Finland should know each other - since our countries are SO small, AND there actually IS a little goth living in all of us. So, did you meet any REAL vampires? ;)

Dashfield Vintage said...

AMAZING!!! I can't even begin to tell you how envious I am! I really really want to go there now.

BlueMoonDame said...

Did you do any of the tours? Walking, bus or otherwise?

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Mlle.A : Yes he was so like Lafayette. Only white, and shorter, but it was rather hilarious.

Miss Meadows : Vampires, hmm well, one can never be sure I guess...

Blue Moon dame : We did a cemetry tour - the guide was really great and active at the graveyeard (can you say so? Haha :D She had done a lot for the cemetary and it's maintenance). She also knew a lot of gossip and anecdotes.

Coral Garrett said...

A complete story on those images. Really good job. ou both look perfect.