Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Even though it's only February one can still feel spring in the air, it's warm. Mid-European winter climate, here we come! It's a bit sad too - the climate change has been pretty obvious the past years so I might be enjoying myself now but I'll curse all of this when the golf-course changes and we all freeze to death or so. Me and my small pretty shoes in the middle of the winter, blah!

Well, anyway, I like the bright light in early spring - it makes everything look so sharp and all facades on the houses look so clean and architectual somehow. I love to do walks in spring (even in shoes that may be just a little bit too small, ouch), and I took a nice on yesterday in a part of town close to mine, an area that I adore.

(Today it's been raining but the sun peeks from behind the clouds every now and then and that feels nice too. Great, so now you all know that. Over and out from the weather blog...)

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