Thursday, 7 February 2008


(Ok. Sorry about that headline. Vanilla ice is just awful.)

My parents gave me a great present for christmas; ice skates. I haven't had a pair for years. That also means I haven't skated for years either. Quite excited about it, I was planning to go ice skating with K. We were both laughing about how it propably would be - we'd dress up all nice and layered in knits and socks and scarves but most likely we'd only skate for a bit on shaky legs, then retry for some hot chocolate or black currant juice (and we'd propably smoke some cigarettes too, even though that does really not go all that well togehter with the ice-princess look).

I've always had this image of me ice skating looking girly a dress and wearing lots and lots of layers, maybe because when I was a little girl mom would always dress me up really practical and warm for skating (of course!) while I just wanted to look like an ice princess...

Alix and Clara seem to know what I'm talking about...

I went skating some days ago with J and my parents . And hah, I didn't look a bit like an ice princess but dressed up warm and practical, just like my mother taught me (well good too see that I've learned at least something) because it was quite windy and cold outside. It wan't that bad though, I was wearing my mom's old ski outfit from the late 70s, very tight, very retro, quite warm (you know, no high-tech fabrics back then...). And a white knitted cap that makes me look a bit like a big baby! I wan't that crappy at all, after the first few shaky minutes I remembered the whole skating-thing and had fun!

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Miss Woo said...

Iceskate fashion is so adorable, though sadly my balance on ice is beyond awful so I can only admire from a distance..