Saturday, 16 February 2008


I'm quite intrigued Thomas Sabo's charms and pendants. Shiny robots, flying saucers and rockets, snakes and apples inspired by Adam&Eve, glittering small shoes and turntables... Most of them are a bit corny and sort of "too much" for me, but that's also what I like about them.

Nowadays I wear quite little jewellery. A charm bracelet or glittering pendants is something I wouldn't really see myself wearing, but lately I've been trying not to think in matters of "what I wear and what I don't" - one can get too stuck within one's own style. The thought of me wearing a white dress was strange but when I actually did it wasn't really a big deal (of course not). Not that a charm bracelet would be a drastic change to my style either :)
And a little bit of bling bling in everyday life is never wrong.

I got a charmbracelet as a gift many years ago but haven't worn it for ages. I tried to look for it and found it's box, but the bracelet was gone. If I'd make myself one now it'd have to have a pair of cherries, an anchor and two black cats.

Some more charms by Thomas Sabo:

But where the hell do you turn the music off at the Thomas Sabo webpage?!?!


Chris said...

I like combination with the lipstick, shoe and turntable. That's so kitchy and still cute!

Miss Woo said...

The little dinky shoe charms are the sweetness.

Fashion Tidbits said...

they are quite cute indeed.