Friday, 1 February 2008


Sometimes during winter I get really bored at my winterjacket (or jackets, I have two but anyway); winter is quite long here so one wears that warm jacket for almost half of the year. But this winter has been exeptionally warm so far (I've been praising the fact a lot that I, for the first time ever around here, have been able to wear open heels in the middle of the winter). And since this morning was clear, dry and a bit above zero, I decided to wear something different. Like my canvas spring jacket, one with a biker-style buttoned high collar and puffy sleeves. I wear it quite seldom though because it's so short and tight at the waist (or actually, becuase it's always beaten by my leatherjacket), but that also makes it a killer jacket togehter with highwaisted pencilskirts. I put the skinny denimskirt I've made and my 50's kitty cardigan under to keep me warm. Then I hit town for some stuff I needed, later off to see my parents (and borrow an old dress from mom), feeling chic and spring-like.


As soon as I left the tram snow started pouring down, heavily, and the wind got a lot harder. I didn't really get that cold at anytime during the day, but I felt a bit stupid and remembered those times as a teenager when I had to wear exactly what I had planned, no matter what weather. In general I guess I choose loking good rather than being comfortable about 50-50 (you know, wearing heels that aren't the most comfy or maybe not wearing a cap when it's cold because it will screw up the hair etc.). But where do you draw the line between still being just chic or being chic but a little stupid?

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