Friday, 15 February 2008


Post 101 btw. Yeey.

Sometimes you see people that look so good they just outshine everyone else.

Yesterday evening was really cold, everyone was walking heads down against the wind except for this stunning girl that walked pass me. (She must have been quite cold in her tiny clothes but she didn't seem to mind. Maybe she was on her way to a hot valentines date.)

I noticed her light yellow eyeshadow togehter with red lips, a makeup that looked really good. I don't think that combination would work on a pale complexion though, atleast not with blonde hair... (but I do have a dark yellow eyeshadow that looks nice when I'm tanned, even though red lips are a no-no then).


Stephanie said...

The new blog:

ina said...

I'm having a little hard imaging yellow eyeshadow on white skin, but maybe in the summer, yes... Not on me though =).
In the summer I just LOVE to have green (quite bright green) eyeshadow. In the winter I just seem to be too lazy to have any kind of eyeshadow on workdays.

And why is it that when it's cold and windy, some people just don't seem to mind (and they are always the ones with too little clothes on).

freelancer's fashionblog said...

Ina: Yes green and turqoise or syren coloured... At one point I used to wear a lotof colourful eyeshadows or pencils but now I'm so stuck eith my black eyeliner... Green looks really good on you yeah.

ina said...

maybe I should try some other colours too, this summer...