Tuesday, 5 February 2008


The Burlesque Festival was great - the place was packed and everyone wore such well-thought and extravagant outfits. In the beginning of the night a surf/iron wire band was playing (I might have mentioned a few times before that I love music like that :) So I danced a lot. And last but not least, the performances were great; sailor girls, hula girls, mermaids, cabaret girls and some rock n' roll.

Apart from the over-all feeling; clothes, music and glam of the performances I' dlike to point out one specific thing I like about burlesque - the female bodies. It's so relieving to see women on stage that are not so called 'modelthin' or have fake boobs etc. Some burlesque dancers are more, some are less curvy, but they are natural curves either way.

It's sad to notice that one still gets influenced by all the photoshopped commericals, today's twisted body ideal and anorectic teen stars as idols. I hate that fact that I used think my curves were more a curse than a blessing for years. Getting a healthy reminder that you can look good anyway even though you're not the same size now that you were when you were 17 (and didn't eat) would be good for everyone every now and then. And then you can have yourself a marzipan cupcake the next day and feel just good about it, not a gulity as normal.


Lisa said...

Really trevlig outfit! How come you understand svenska, but not uose it as first language? Do you live in sweden, or...? Now you made me curious!


By the way, read the lovliest blogentrance in svengelska by vem i helvete:

Kiki Hawaiji said...

Hei, just found your blog! I'm glad that you had a brilliant night - so did we. And I couldn't agree more with your saying about burlesque & female body! As Miss Dirty Martini put it: "Burlesque is the new punk rock!"

Miss Woo said...

Gorgeous! Burlesque is quite a big thing in the UK too and the creativity of the dancers never fail to amaze me!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...


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ina said...

great picture!

freelancer's fashionblog said...

Lisa: Haha! Vem i helvete seems lika a funny guy! Noup I don't live in Sweden...

Kiki Hawai: Yes, thanks a million to you and Bettie Blackheart, you're fabulous!

Miss Woo: Thanks :) Yes I've noticed that burlesque is big in the UK (or bigger than here atleast) . There's going to be a big festival in London in April. Would be cool to go.

Ina: Thank you my Ina-Pekka :D

Nanó said...

Lovely picture, and absolutely marvelous outfit!
(and btw. I love the preparation pics! Really inspiring)
... And I'm so envious of your style.

freelancer's fashionblog said...

Nanó: Oh, thank you. You have great style too you know :)