Monday, 25 February 2008


It was snowing when I woke up on Sunday morning. We had plans to go ice skating with K but I guess we both realized it was not going to happen the night before already. Since too many of my Sundays are just spent either sleeping, hangover or by being a bit of a computer geek, I thought I'd do something nice with this one.

I decied to bake my special apple pie and do some hot cocoa for my friend M, who was sick. She recently moved away to Oslo and came here for the weekend but had such a terrible flue she couldn't meet up with anybody. I took K with me to go cheer her up. I was hoping to walk there in the snow fall, but by the time I actually got up and got the pie done the snow had turn into rain, but the walk over to M's place was still quite refreshing.

I really hope we don't get sick now though.

Here's what I put in my apple pie (it's vegan):
1,5 parts of spelt flour (that's a lot healthier than basic wheat and has a nice nut- like taste to it), 1,5 parts of oatmeal and 1 part brown sugar, some cinammon and a bit of clover. Then I add all-vegetabel margarine until the dough is moist but not too sticky. Top it with sliced apples (you have to stick them in the dough a bit to get the right consistecny) and some chardamom. All organic stuff, it tastes better that way. I put it in the oven, about 175 C, and bake until it's ready. I'm not so in to details when I cook so it depends a bit from time to time. But it takes approx. 40 minutes for it to bake. Piece of cake. Somtimes I put some strawberries or black currants among the apples for a bit of a change. The pie is great with itofu ice cream (or dairy ice cream too of course). Yum yum.


ina said...

I have a thermos can of the same edition/production (or what you're supposed to call it), but a green one =). It's cute, but it's not very practical.

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Yes I know Ina, but sometimes looks are everything ;)

MsPea said...

I love that sweet cute thermos!