Saturday, 16 February 2008


Some days ago I wrote about how I am annoyed at the fact that I don't have as much time as I would like to to browse around thrift/charity shops and fleamarkets, but still have some great luck with nice things finding their way to me instead.

When I was younger I shared a flat with two guys for a couple of years. It was quite a big flat in a nice area but with terrible neighbours that hated us (propably due to the fact that we, on the night of our housewarming party and after a series of unhappy coincidents, had a fire on our balcony which included seven heavy fire fighting vehicles and shutting the whole street down. There was no damage to the house or flat hough - it was just a wooden flowerbox that set itself on fire because it was too close to the ashtray. Everything was sorted out later on but some of the neighbors never got over it and really made things difficult for us for the three years we lived there).

Aaanyway, that old flat was full of left over stuff from previous owners. A lot of it was crap that we got rid of or stuffed in the attic, but there were also some really nice things. I took this lamp with me and keep it in my kitchen now:

Later one of the guys moved away but he left this old frame behind, I'm not sure if he found it in one of the cupboards in his room or from somewhere else but I made a mirror out of it:

(The bow is not part of the frame though, I just keep it on top of the mirror becuase I always put my hair up with it in the mornings).

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