Friday 30 May 2008


My second meeting this week was for an artist K and I sort of work with. Or, we work with his work through a manufacturer. Now this guy always sounds really angry or flegmatic and him and I have had some quarrles before. I had no idea of his agenda when he wanted to meet me and I was actually pretty scared over the whole thing. But the meeting wasn't actually that bad at all, I guess he just wanted to make friends or so so there you go.

Later that day I went for a Dr.Sketchy's evening with extravagant models and some white wine. Great as always (even though this time I didin't produce any good drawings).

As for the outfit; this is one of my absolute favourite skirts, but I have some difficutlies combining it with other things in my wardrobe. I think it is the colour. Clearly it goes well with white but with many other of my garnments the result is just somehow a mish-mash. Hmmm.

Leather jacket - the same old one as always...
Top - Gina Tricot
Skirt - Nümph
Pumps - X-it
Bag - charity shop

Thursday 29 May 2008


This week has been all about meetings and encounters. Meetings of a very different kind. The first on was with a friend from the Budapest days; I haven't seen him for five years. I was so glad he stopped by Helsinki for a few days! We had some coffe and some beers at a sunny terrace and then I took him eating to that same place I always go to. It was just great to catch up.

But oh how I miss Budapest!

Cardigan and blouse - H&M
Pencil skirt - Dr.Denim
Bag - Charity shop
Pumps - X-it
Scarf - old

My wardrobe is full of stuff and there is nothing new that I would really need.
But but. Still, I really do need a bowtie blouse for that secretary-chic kind of look. For the moment scarves will just have to do.

Wednesday 28 May 2008


K and I used our mobile phones to document the weekend.

She had made all sorts of goodies for the girls - pink sherbet with blueberries and candy cupcakes! Notice the Klaus haapaniemi for Iittala plate and cup - I love that dinner set!

K has a really pretty lace necklace by Kaksi-Två.

The other K had a very nice jacket; her mother's old. I like it!

We went to a birthday venue and had lots of champagne. I was all tipsy and happy and wearing my wrap around dress (which worked well as always).

This was a goodbye.
Ah, the sad beauty of late saturday night.

Sunday 25 May 2008


Today I've been celebrating my goddaughter's fifth birthday. I brought her a Håkan Hällström cd since she loves to dance and sing along to songs in Swedish.

It was a bit funny to notice how everything else she got was in pink. I'm not sure I want to take part in the whole gender converstaion about how we are formed as boys and girls at already an early age and how girls shouldn't be given pink things and boys light blue. I tried to think of myself at that age and weather it really is that way that the female mind somehow find pink more aesthetic than boys or weather we are just made to think that.

Well, I guess no one will ever know that for sure. Anyway, I just read that H&M just has made a baby/kids collection that is totally genderless - no colours or symbols that would indicate weather the clothing is made for a little boy or a little girl. It is said to be the first of its kind but I'm not really buying that. I had one-coloured rompers in brown or green as a kid, patterned with lions and apples and all kinds of stuff that kids just like in general. In honour of that I was wearing my apple-patterned dress today (and yes, it is the same model as the one a few posts below. I had to get both since I couldn't decide which one I liked better :)

Dress - RL
Shoes - H&M


Thursday 22 May 2008


Turns out I have a dress that is even luckier...

Dress - by Jenny Hällström
Bow pendant - Silly Girl
Shoes - Sixtyseven You

My friend Johanna (mentioned before here,here and here) now makes here cute jewellery under the name Silly Girl and you can get them at the HulaHula Boutique.

Tuesday 20 May 2008


Dress - Selfmade
Suede shoes - Bianco
Suede belt - Cut from a longer old one, old
Bag - Thrifted (I love it, it has a golden tag that says "lady" in the front :)

I went out a lot last week. On the edge of being a bit too much actually. But I finnished some works of mine and had a week off at the other job I'm doing and I got quite a nice paycheck so I definitely earned some fun! On Friday I was wearing what I refer to as my lucky dress, and it worked well, as always!

(...I'd lie if I'd say I dressed up with Basset's Allsorts on my mind, but the combination of black and yellow always does make me think of liquorice. That, and bees. And I'd rahter be dressing inspired of candy than insects :)

(pssst. Liquorice photo borrowed from here.)


Some time ago we celebrated my grandfather's 90th birthday and family was gathered from two countries. I went for the sweet look but my younger sisters were all sassy but still classy with a rockabilly-chic look (and made me wish I would have gone for edgy instead of sweet too). They looked really great togehter!

Anyway, one of the things I really want to to do in my life is to someday write a book about my grandfather's life. He left his own occupied country at an early age to join the army of another nation, so that he that way could fight the country that had occupied his own. After leaving without saying a word that one afternoon he never saw his parents again - he could not visit his own country as long as it was occupied since he had fought the "wrong" side. But he did send them a letter many many years later telling them about his life as it was by then. When he was in the army he met my grandmother, they fell in love and later, after the war, met up in another country to start a life togehter. Quite the restless soul he is their faimily lived in many places on three different continets (and I have to give kudos to my granmother for keeping up with that - raising three children and always leaving just as they had settled down!). THere is a lot more to the story than this too, but I'll save that for the book then :)

My grandfather never spoke of these thing himself, it's just what I've gathered form my mother and grandmother, but now that he is getting very old and sadly a bit confused from time to time, he has started to tell some stories. He really is a great person and I hope we sill will have him around for long!

Saturday 17 May 2008


Oh my god! It's me and I'm wearing trousers!

Yes, it's true – and it wasn't as uncomfortable as I had imagined to squueze in to trousers again... After spending almost a year in my closet these pants came out and I had a rocking night wearing them. The pants came in unwashed denim and beige but there weren't any of my size left of the denim ones, so I bought the beige ones and coloured them navy.
You know, now I'm starting to feel some of my old jeans too! Or maybe. Let's not get all too wild here, yet.

Trousers – by GentlemenTake Polaroids
Top – Gina Tricot
Shoes – X-it

I've been listening to The Last Shadow Puppets latley. Quite nice.

And oh, will update my link-list soon, I have some blogs to be added. If you feel left out for some reason let me know!

Wednesday 14 May 2008


...Or at least in me.

I went to an exhibition operning with my mom and later on we went too see a play. I love all occasions where I can dress up at least a little bit!

Dress – selfmade, Shoes – Sthlm DG
Leopard-patterned belt with bow – Saddler

Sunday 11 May 2008


Ok, I've been a lame blogger, I know. I'm so lousy at updating but the thing is I've totally overbooked myself so I'm working my ass off right now. Anyhow and either way, I'll take somthing out of stock for now and post an old print of mine, Snowhite. Originally made as a print for a clothing project K wand I worked on about three years ago.

Monday 5 May 2008


Dress - RL
Shoes - Blueberry

It was as warm as summer today! Time to take out the summer dresses! Instead of working as I should have I spent most of the day in the sunshine in the park togehter with Paula, her little dog Frank and the other K, drinking raspberry soda, having mango sherbet and smoking cigarettes (the cancer-girls, uh). Later I had a great wine-and dine evenig with a friend who had prepared a nice special veggie meal just for me:)

I was planning to make myslef a dress like this but saved myself the effort when I found this in the store I used to work in. I also bought a similar one with an apple-pattern. I feel a bit like Allice in wonderland in this dress. (Somtimes my part of town resembles some kinf of a wonderland. Both on good and bad. We were reminded of that today with some of the freaks in the park, with small episodes of harrasment, amusement and just plain action. But atleast it beats tv).


I went out on Saturday evenig with my dear friend K and my other lovely friend, another K. The plan was originally to go dancing but i think we ended up doing more drinking than dancing. But what the hell we had fun anyway. I was wearing my sailor dress and there are no pictures of that but K was wearing a very trendy necklace, a pixelated heart:

Saturday 3 May 2008


Well well well...just as I've mentioned how busy I am I used my time reeeeally well and browsed through the internet without no clear destination visiting some of the shops I check every now and then. I guess Bona Drag is not a new aquantaince to anyone, but anyway, they had this Hendrix-dress which fabric was the exact same to one dress I've made some years ago.

Before, as a little hippie girl, I used to make most of my clothes myself.
DIY this and DIY that.

I've made lots of dresses in fabrics like this, but I don't think I'll ever wear them again. Once again I try to remind myself not to be locked within a certain style (like "I don't wear bright patterned clothes like that anymore"), but I think I might not feel comfortable with myself in these anylonger. I would never buy any of the etno styled dresses h&m or zara etc. had a while ago even if I find them pretty in general.

Still, I relate a bit different to my old dresses, since they're selfmade and have a history for me. So I might still wear this dress one day, the one with the same fabric as the Hendrix dress above (and one of the few I fit in anymore) :

(hah! I found a spot for pictures, at least for now :)

I have one in similar fabric but white, with a halterneck, très petite, that I'm thinking of selling, in case anyone's interested...

Friday 2 May 2008


Well here's a scentence I've written here many times before:
I've had so much work to do I haven't been able to post anything lately.
It's true though. Almost too many commissions, but hey, I ain't complaining. And my promotion at the other job has also taken a lot of time.

+ I still have some boxes to unpack at home and haven't found the wire to my scanner, thus no drawing-posts.

+ There is yet no good place in the new home to take outfit photos in (I'm quite the perfectionist, a slave to the details you know, can't take photos with ugly boxes and a mess in the background).

For now I'll just give you a (quite crappy- so much for the perfectionism:) pic of my newest tattoo.
It says forgive me.

But the person it is ment for has not seen it yet.