Friday 27 February 2009


Dress - Vivien of Holloway

Tonight it's time for club Wanted again! And it will be a great night. But, to be honest, right now I'd just like to crawl up in a corner and wait there for a couple of months; for better times, for spring, but I have a show to do tonight and it will be a fabulous one (as usual, but really, it's just getting better! :)

So I'm going to make the best out of it and wear one of my best dresses too. (I've never actually had a dress before that fits so good in the waist like this one. Amazing.) And put on my red glittering lipstick that will sparkle like hell on stage. Yeah.

Wednesday 25 February 2009


Last week I had the longest lashes in the world for a little while.

Sunday 22 February 2009


Yesterday Ina and I went to a birthday dinner wearing dresses from the same brand, ordering the same courses, drinks and shots all night long. That happens if you share the same taste for things (even though this time, when it came to the dresses, we did call in advance :)

And not to forget; The Delicious Dresses! 40's square neck dress on Ina and Monroe dress on me, both from Tara Starlet.


My life would have been a little bit closer to perfection (well, on certain levels only but hey anyway) if I would have gotten that mintgreen smeg refridgerator for my kitchen, which unfortunately lacked 5 centimeters, making the smeg nothing but a mintgreen dream for me. (Same thing goes for the soft pink smeg washing machine that has 4 cm too much height and thus will not fit either, sight).

Well, obviously bags and domestic machines have few things in common but my craving for soft pastel coloured items could be more satisfied if I would own a powder-blue coloured Ginger bag from MinnaParikka. And that would certainly set my life, some levels of it that is, very near perfection indeed. And I swear, if that bag would come in mintgreen I would let the bills wait for a month and go get it right away.

Or, to be more exact, I would have it already.

Friday 20 February 2009


The guy
is worht a listen.
But man, he's thin. I wish he'd eat more :P

Wednesday 18 February 2009


Next weeks' Friday it's time for Club Wanted II!!!

As last time, the evening starts with the rock n'roll dance workshop. The band line up is great; Jussi Syren Rockabilly Revival and Lester Peabody! But the best - of course - is us :) Our show for the night will contain a lot of girly attributes but also the total opposite. And watch out for an occasional good ol' catfight too...

So book the 27th but come on time since last time the evening was sold out!

The Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret girls dressed in StopStaring from Garageland.
Photo: Santtu Särkäs for Club Wanted

(btw it's not the same dress on me as in a couple of posts below; it's a pink one. Just in case you didn't know they come in pink too :)

Sunday 15 February 2009


Valentine's day was yesterday but here's a silly little greeting anyway

Friday 13 February 2009


Wohoo, my fringe is back again after accidetally cutting it too short last month. I had to hide it in different ways to avoid looking like a medieval monk...

I been slightly abscent from the blogosphere lately, I know; I've been so busy so there has actually been rather little to post about. I haven't really answered any comments properly either. But with shows every week, some propblems with our lovely tax office latley and a personal life resembling a rollercoaster, what can you do...

Well, anyway, as you may see from the picture; I got my leopard gloves! Thanks to a tip from a Finnish reader I found the exact same gloves I had but lost, for sale at a auciton site, unworn. So now they're mine again, phew :) But thanks to everyone lese for great suggestions too!

Also a big thanks to Kate and Madeleinemiranda for awarding me! Highly apreciated every time :)

Last but not least; I can be terribly unorganized from time to time, and I'm no better here either. If I don't do something immidetialy, it will most likely remain undone. This time I'm referring to my link list - if you feel you've been left out or want in then send me an email! (But if you don't really read my blog and just want more traffic then don't bother ok).

Monday 9 February 2009


Dress - Stop Staring via Garageland
Shoes - the customized ModCloth ones

I should go out more often so I'd get to dress up all fancy and fine! I haven't been out for real in ages since we've had shows every weekend this winter; the day before I'm usually just taking it weasy and the day after Iäm too tored to go anywhere. But oh, I have too many dresses just waiting to be worn and I feel them hanging in my wardrobe shouting "wear me, wear me!". So, last Friday I went to the warm up party for the main event of HBF all dressed up fancy and fine of course, wearing my Stop Staring dress that had been hanging there all sad and unworn for half a year (oh my).

Next Saturday I'll go dancing at a Valentine's ball! That will make some other dress of mine very happy (and me look all fancy and fine in return). Oh yes!

Friday 6 February 2009


My internet at home is not working and I'm busier than a bee until next week so for now I'll leave you some with old pictures taken from around last year's Burlesque Festival.

Have a great weekend and see you at Gloria if you're lucky enough to have a ticket :)

Wednesday 4 February 2009


I’ve always enjoyed reading other’s ‘a photo an hour’-posts. Lately I’ve been a lot about glitter and shows but of course my life is not all about that. My days differ a lot depending on weather I work from home or weather I go to work or just have a day off. This is what my Monday looked like.

08:00 I wake up - very early for being me - and take it pretty easy with coffee and the morning paper

09:00 I start unpacking my bags from Friday’s show – my flat is always a mess of clothes, make up and shoes after a burlesque gig (I’m really slow with those things; it’s the same with unpacking after a trip).

I store my stage stuff in hat boxes. At my place it’s close to impossible to try to put anything in bags or boxes without having to remove a cat first…

10: Work!

11:00 Still working. The winter weather looks really nice and crisp outside.

12:00 I go to a business lunch with my friend K and a long term client of ours.

13:00 Some burlesque-related shopping in the sewing store. Lots and lots of glittering stuff.

14:00 I drag my lazy behind to the gym. For someone who used to work out eight times a week (which is too much btw) I nowadays find it rather hard to get there, so I had to stop by some stores just to postpone the whole thing… I do enjoy working out in general and the gym I go to is really fresh and all but I have a slight hidden attitude problem with some of the other that exercise there; posers, hysteric anorectics or women that actually spray and fix their hair and apply makeup before working out.Hmpf. (I guess this was the whine-moment of the day then...)

17:00 Back at home. I sew a bit on my stage outfit for Saturday’s show. (I also do the dishes and some laundry, take out the trash and clean up cat puke but that wouldn’t make very nice pictures now would it).

18:00 I start making dinner (rather proudly since I tend to eat out quite a lot otherwise. I even bake a bread goddamit!)

19:00. I get company, and that’s the end of the picture taking for that night.

Todays HBF happening: exhibition opening of works from past Dr-Sketchy's as well as burlesque portraits from Paule Saviano.

Sunday 1 February 2009


Photo : Laura Kansanen-Stavale © Helsinki Burlesque

The Helsinki Burlesque Festival week starts now!
(Or kind of started already with the tease party last Friday, which btw went great for our part). It will be a week filled with workshops, burlesque photo- and Dr.Sketchy's art exhibitions and, well of course, parties, fabulous parties! Oh oh, it really annoys me I have to go to work in between...

For those of you elsewhere who'll miss out on all the fun, here's a little treat for you too: You can now buy Minna Parikka shoes online from her own web store! And the bags are back!