Saturday 31 August 2013



At the end of summer you get this sad, perhaps even slightly desperate feeling when evening falls that every night could be the last night of summer, the last night one can go out in bare legs and bare arms and light shoes.  That night might even have gone by by now; the evenings feel more chilly already...  This also is the last official weekend of summer with September around the corner already. The summers always go by too fast...

But no need for melancholia - one more summer night, one more chance still to go to a party with flowers in the hair! (Alright, there are indeed as many chances as one likes all year round, this just seemed like a good caption.)

I've developed a thing for yellow accessories. Plus warm earthy colors always become more welcoming this time of year anyway.

This lace top dress is one of the items I got to choose as a gift from Sheinside. 

I guess you'd be able to style it quite modern would you like to do so, but I went after something old and timeless, more antique than retro.

I like the combo of white and yellow, although I also (secretly) think it reminds me of eggs.
So the other parts of my egg-party-outfit were my yellow heels, a yellow clutch (also from Sheinside) and an old bracelet from Pilgrim.  I've made the hair flower myself out of an interior flower and some beads left over from a costume of mine.

Time for paper lanterns in the tree and lots of wine!

Thursday 29 August 2013


 You may remember we have a study in the city apartement. This is the way it should look like.

Unfortunately, here's how it most often looks tough; a mess of papers, unpacked bags from shows, launrdy drying and stuff stuffed away from elsewhere on their way to somewhere:
The mess room, ehrm...

Well this will all change when all of this magically disappears and we turn this into Dag's room! He has been sleeping in or bedroom so far. I've never bee that interested in interiors for kids rooms until now, well, naturally, but before the thought of loosing the study was a bit sad, now I'm eager on building kids' stuff in here!

The only question here is where the hell will I dry my laundry from now on?

Wednesday 28 August 2013


My sister got married to my (or, our; they met there) long term harbor colleague last saturday. It was a fine day that went by terribly fast.

Away in a Ford Mustang, oh yeah. (I snagged this one from our friend @Johannesslotte ...) 

The party was at a small old ship yard on the sailing club's island right outside of the absolute centre of Helsinki.

My youngest sister, brides maid. They (the bridesmaids) wore similar short versions of the wedding dress. 

And yes, I managed to finish my dress in time! It turned out pretty damn good although I of course succeeded in spilling nail polish on it the last minute before the wedding. Oh well, that's life. And, the stain wasn't that bad in the end; tiny as you can('t) see.


Tuesday 27 August 2013


Bring it on!-autumn, part one.

Well you know, the change of season is just around the doorstep and soon everyone will be blogging autumn this and autumn that. Well, except for those blogging from down under who will go on about spring. Feeling wise spring is bigger for me -the clod and dark finally being over- but when it comes to the material side it's all about autumn, preparing oneself for what is to come by stocking up; warm items, warm colors, a new range. 

Going trough my closet I noticed any practical mid season shoe I had was worn out or in a desperate need to see a cobbler. I sometimes have issues pairing certain clothing with suitable shoes during the colder season; the fuller the hem the less good they (in my opinion) look with anything else than heels (or ballerinas) -wearing boots with circle skirts for example most often just makes me feel like I'm on my way to sing at a rodeo or so (nothing wrong with that would that actually be the case). But other suitable options often gives me rather heavy granny-vibes. Which will have to do in this case.

We still have summer, sunshine and above twenty plus for now, but I stumbled across a pair of purple walking shoes at the supermarket and got them now already, deciding they'll help me and certain skirts trough autumn

...But a pair of rubber boots wouldn't of course hurt either...

Sunday 25 August 2013


We went to a family lunch today. me in my Trashy Diva butterfly dress and Dag in red pants he got from his grandparents.

Saturday 24 August 2013


I have (apparently) been working hard on filling that green hole in my wardrobe.
This is one of the dresses I got from King Louie. Comfy as a nightgown!

Thursday 22 August 2013


One can ask onseself what the fuck (yes F) is going on here.

Well, the answer could appear to be simple; obviously, I am making myself a new dress. Inspired by one from Trashy Diva that I've admired long but did not allow myself to buy. My sister is getting married and I decided not to get myself anything new as I have plenty of fine summer dresses that have not been worn enough. But then again, if my sister's wedding is not the right moment to get a new dress, then when is? Surely she deserves that, ehrm. (Yes she and ehr wedding, a new dress. I am totally not thinking of myself here now.) And, as we have realized earlier on here, I do not have any green dresses. So corrected that shall be from now on.

But then again as I only have a few hundred other things pushing (and pushing and rushing badly) for the moment it does not seem like the most rational thing to start putting a fancy dress together. (But dress-issues seldom are that rational now are they.) The wedding is Saturday.  So I am not always sure what the hell it is that I am thinking. But so far so good and right now I am elsewhere but thinking this dress will be done by midnight! (Or well it has to as I am elsewhere tomorrow too. Positive thinking!)

This one is stretchy (oh yes) and will of course come with -ta daa- pockets! And something for the bust section too, as I don't intend to goo all ancient Cretan at the wedding.

Wednesday 21 August 2013


I hate it when having to go somewhere while my hair is newly washed and still damp (and looks terrible). It's too warm in summer to tuck it under my beret and this time my hair was too wet still to  make the usual; a swirl in front and a quick knot in the back. So I made braids, which I haven't had like this for a long long time. With a turban or top the look turns out less girly and more, well, something else.

I made the pinafore skirt earlier this summer and the turban is from Kuokkasen Peruukkiliike. I usually sleep with it those nights I have my hair pin-curled.


Stuff I did today.
Had a watermelon-strawberry-apple-spirulina smoothie and some lentil tapenade sandwhiches for breakfast. I've posted the tapenade recipe here before at some point but here's a quickie: squish together 2 parts cooked green lentils and one part green olives, lots of garlic, an optional chopped onion, a little salt and pepper, oil and a lot of vinegar (or balsamico). Done!

Drove in to town over to our studio for some of hours of rehearsing. 

(Of which half of the time of course looked like this :)

Next stop: the post office to pick up some parcels I've recieved. (Autumn is my season for renewal and stocking up but it's not like I've been shopping like crazy here; the ones I picked up today I received as gifts/samples/collaborations.)

Meanwhile back in the countryside.
The cows are back on their spot opposite of our window. They have been eating elsewhere for the past month.

Dag and I were checking them out for a while. Very exciting.

Then I ended my day with some h ours of computeering (work, actually) and a big bowl of whipped semolina berry porridge,  as classic dish over here which is called just that; whipped porridge.

Tuesday 20 August 2013


I can't believe you Dutch people have been keeping King Louie a secret for so long! I ran in to some King Louie dresses on a webstore and visited their own site and what did I find? An amazing amount -almost too much- of day dresses in classic, timeless styles. That s-t-r-e-t-c-h. The magic word. So I got myself a set for autumn. And was very pleased when my parcel arrived (the only downer being the very high cost to get the parcel over here). We can take a better look at what was in the parcel some other time though.

And you know,  If they'd make them with that other magic word -pockets- the dresses would be one step perfect further. *hint hint*

Disclaimer: I am (sadly...) in no way sponsored by or affiliated with King Louie.

Monday 19 August 2013


I wore raspberry red for our Raspberry Fields-day yesterday.
You can see some photos from the even here.

The dress is vintage but colored by me a few years back, shoes melissa and the crochet beret from h&m.