Saturday, 20 October 2018


You've seen me talk about it trough the years - my love for autumn. I do enjoy all seasons (except perhaps for spring, as spring in Finland often turns out rather not only short but non-existent; two months of disappointment. Sadly), but while I always long for a short (hah!) snowy winter and feel most alive during summer autumn still turns out to be my favourite time of year. And this year it has been magical! Like you would have wanted to walk around with your mouth open all the time and just do a constant 'Wow!'.
Ah, the light, and all the colours!

My colours for this autumn turns out to be plum and dark blue. And all things checked and plaid, as usual.

But the bye-bye to all of this this is around the corner; the inevitable will soon come – no more light, no more colours.

It's a good thing we have candles, fairy lights and red wine to battle the Mordor-months with! Bring it on!

Tuesday, 9 October 2018


Today it's the gloomy Halloweenish weather one would expect with mid-October approaching (already! What? How?), but yesterday we woke up to a breathtaking colourful frosty sunrise that I even tossed out barefoot for to try and catch with my phone -

The view to the south is often like a painting. This is also the bathroom view, and one day eventually the view from the study-to-be; the brown room which for the moment is just (you guessed it): boxes.

Colourful trees to the west! And the old barn of the farm peeking from behind them.
The study will be the only room in the house, apart from the living room, with windows in two directions. That actually makes it the nicest room in the house. This, plus an apple tree in the front, would be the view from the second window.

Amazing colours to the north!

And the rising sun in the east.

I really love crips autumn mornings like this, when the air is fresh and cold and the light makes everything magic.  But give it a month and we will be up earlier than the sun, wake up to dark mornings, when the universe evens out all those light days we got during summer...

Saturday, 6 October 2018


Let me first start this by saying that I am definitely and foremost waiting for Halloween (and now that the second week of October is about to start I consider Halloween-season here!).


While it is as little as 80 days until Christmas (!!!),  it is only 56 until our yearly Christmas show, which this year will kick off the whole festive season:
This year we are celebrating at our Rubies-Klubit burlesque club's home venue Sture 21.

Poster by me, as usual.

Ps. and first Halloween, yes. Catch me at these Halloween events: Horror & Tease in Tampere Oct.13 and our very own Rubies Klubit: Demoniklubi on Oct.27!

Friday, 28 September 2018


Last spring before I went to France I quickly made this yellow ochre-coloured A-line skirt (like, the actual night before, because that is what insane people like me do in order to maintain a maximum stress level). I had had the fabric waiting in my to-do pile of fabrics for a few of years already and decided it would make a great and comfy travel skirt. With large pockets, of course.

Skirt-show-off walking, as one does.
Dark yellow is a strangely versatile colour that pairs well with many others, and I especially like it with wine red. Maximising the level of autumn-points.

Photos by my friend Asko Rantanen / Asko Jonathan Photography who takes amazingly creative pictures.

Monday, 24 September 2018


Photo: Neil Kendall

It will be a full moon tonight and if the sky is clear I know I will most likely be woken up by it, as it stares straight into my window around 3am with a light strong enough to penetrate my sleep. But I still don't want to close the curtains because there is just something about being woken up by a bright full moon, so I most often tend to stare back at it for a while and ponder the universe.

So in honour of that I'll post a picture from a photo series inspired by Méliès 1902 film La Voyage Dans La Lune – taken at the end of this summer, when I had the chance to shoot with amazing vintage style photographer Neil Kendall in Chester and I got to be the first one to try out his new moon set!

Not to be shared without permission and proper credits.

Friday, 14 September 2018


We finally have a living room!

Yes, there has always been a living room downstairs, but that room still has boxes and extra furniture from our former city flat everywhere, that have been waiting for the renovation to progress so they can be taken into use and the downstairs one glorious day be emptied up of extras. A day which is very much closer now than a few months ago. (Insert big choir underneath my window singing Hallelujah! the Bach way here.)  We had basically been hanging out in the kitchen for the past two years while first fixing up the boys' rooms, and this summer we finally got the upstairs hallways turned into a hang-out space. 

The hallways was always ugly, unpractical, and tended to collect junk. There are no proper before's of that exact reason. A long time ago when I first came here it made you feel like a tiny hotdog in a bun as one wall was ketchup red and the other mustard yellow. Eventually we coloured the walls white as a quick fix. The ceiling was this strange plastic-cardboard-probably-very-great-in-the-eighties-material. Here are some of last summer's progress:

New ceiling and new walls. I wanted an apricot-y shade on the walls; this is Riviera by Tikkurila. The hardwood floor was in good condition but not nice per se, so it stayed but changed it's looks with paint.
Eddi hand-painted the checks on the floors. The same as the downstairs hallway, from where the stairs lead right up to here.

A lot of things are from our old Tapiola-living room -

(The cats have totally destroyed those red chairs btw. Anyone know of a good upholsterer?)

But some found their way from other rooms, or are in one way or another new - my old movie theatre chairs that had been waiting on the front porch for, umm, five years or so finally made their way up to be put into use! Scraped a lot of old hard bubblegum off underneath those (yuck!)... We also have a tv for the first time in years

The lithography is from my late grandmother's home. She got it as a gift from a lady she had helped during ww2. I always liked the colours in it.

Haha these vases were waiting for the living room to happen, collecting dust in our bedroom forever. Eddi got me the blue-and-white one from a job trip to South Africa and I thought it was a bit ugly until I got the two small other mid-century vases from my grandmother's home when we had to empty it, and I thought of pairing them together.
The Helsinki-poster by my graphic design idol Eric Bruun hangs here now as a nod to what I still consider "my" town, next to a map-poster of where we now live (the village of Vassböle), that  my sister gave us some Christmases ago.

Nothing is ever really ready though. Doors are missing, books need to be taken out of boxes and arranged and the bedroom corridor still needs a new ceiling and walls and and and...

(And now we have no front door because the front porch is being renewed. But that is another story. Right now however I intend to hang out with Netflix on a bigger and comfier screen than the usual laptop-in-lap. Netflix, theatre chairs and red wine it is!)

Monday, 13 August 2018


Summer 2018! And what a summer it has been!




Never before has it been this warm - hot and sunny since May, and such weather for over a month that even a +25c felt like "oh, it's a abit colder today". It has been like the summers of my childhood, warm and sunny forever! But whereas those memories are, if not sugar coated but rather sun-coated, this summer has actually been the warmest ever recorded with around +30c daily.

Not that is is over quite yet, but school started today, and just as the summers of childhood ended as school begun, it still does so today; on a mental level at least. While the weather has had it's downsides (drought, bad crops, perhaps a sign of an alarming change to come) and not everyone enjoys the heat I however bask in it. I said a big F to gardening this year, and haven't thus even felt bad for dead flowers and cherryless trees, but took had the opportunity to spend en exceptional large amount of time with family, visit my close-to heart summer places as well as had a fabulous trip to Italy, while still managing to squeeze in some work in a not-too-stressful way.

My pocket calendar is of such kind that it begins in August en ends at some point of the summer, and I also tend to think the year along the schedules of school and also the studio's school year, which means we are soon in for a new one. There is lots in store for autumn on different fronts, and lets see if I manage to make some of them appear here as well!
Hope you all have enjoyed a wonderful summer, and lets hope the last weeks of it, whatever may have been the case, will be just as good or even better!

Monday, 25 June 2018


This is the best part of the renovation!

Choosing colours and getting to paint.
(or ok, second best, after actually being done. or maybe third, because getting to bring the stuff in and decorate is pretty close to being a winner as well...)

Also, note: nice floor. Handpainted by mister Eddi again, like he did downstairs.

Saturday, 23 June 2018


Buongiorno! I am still in Italy and hopefully eating some nice pasta or gelato (not or! AND) plus enjoying myself some wine. Meanwhile, for the rest of you, we have a throwback to a creamy mushroom pasta I did some time ago with walnuts and chive from the back porch. 
The chives were from the back porch that is. The walnuts were from Lidl. (The mushrooms however were almost from the back porch as well; porcinis my father-in-law picked last autumn.) 

My friend Dixie who has worked in many restaurants before gave me the advice to add a little bit of coffee to a mushroom sauce to bring out their taste and so I did, and so it did as well. Try it!
Otherwise this one took cream (I use oat cream), salt and pepper and garlic. 

Wednesday, 20 June 2018


Hello! Even though it may not always seem like it, I am still here! At least for the joy of all of those marketing SEO- and escort services, who I know from the comments are the ones that for sure still visit ("visit") my blog.
But this is however a quick one, because now I am off to Italy to enjoy myself! But I did manage to schedule a couple of small posts so the spambots have something to dig in to.

Happy midsummer!
(...and for all the Finns, the greeting you have to add to this holiday: take it easy and be safe!)

Vintage travel poster by from ze interwebs - the artist  is Mario Puppo, who did a lot of travel posters in the mid 1900s.

Monday, 28 May 2018


If you want more sparkle in your life, and even if you don't, but just want to have fun and be entertained, come watch our studio's Summer Show Friday June 8th at Sture 21!
Coming to a show is always a win-win -  you have a great time and help put bread on the performers' tables. Plus get your daily/weekly/monhtly dose of sparkle and (biogradable) glitter.

It is already the 5th summer show we organize, and as usual we feature both students and teachers as well as resident Shangri-La performers. And a lot of other fun stuff! It's a bigger show than our regular clubs, and we turn the madness down a little bit (just a little) when hosting.

Find out more on the event page, and get your tickets from our webshop here: Summer Show tickets.

Also, a small reminder that I have created a discount code for my blog readers to our studio which gives -15% off pretty much everything - also summer show tickets! We have several summer classes and courses coming up in June as well so have a look at our studio's webpage (still only in Finnish I am afraid, although we do teach some classes in a multilingual style Finnish-English-Swedish).

The special only-for-you-discount to our webshop is FREELANCERS15

Sunday, 27 May 2018


Considering how rather unstructured my day-to-day life's routines are, as in not-really-there and lets-see-what-happens-next-week-in-life, and supposing it is not the first impression I tend to give, I am actually rather un-enthusiastic about change.  It's not that I am reluctant to change, just lazy about it. Mainly small everyday bits, perhaps as a balance to even out the lack of certain routines and certanties. When the big thing is messy and loose around the edges, keep the smaller things intact.
Like tending to stick to one and the same lipstick or nepalese dish or handbag once noticed that it works. (I'd probably always do the same nails too if I would not force myself to get a bit creative there.) You know - if it ain't broken, don't fix it.

And thus I have been adding to the same playlist for ten years. Ten years folks!
That is some 520 and Sundays! It is weird how time flies, isn't it.

But that is because it is the best playlist for soft and mellow, daydream-filled Sundays there is:
Soft Sunday.
With some 11 hours of music I usually tend to listen only to parts of it; often the latest ones that I felt like adding now, or a section that reminds me of a summer a few years ago for example. Sometimes I think about taking some song from that list away, but then I don't because they all had a reason to be added back when they were. And I just can't make a new similar list, nope, that would be cheating.

Here's the latest addition to the list, a video that I really liked back when it came out, but then forgot about, and that fit the mood and Sunday-test today:

Saturday, 26 May 2018


When it gets warm, and like now, when it STAYS warm, I keep on being amazed by how pleasant it feels. And by how light is is. You forget that during the darker months. Every time. The air feels nice and smooth and everything is green and growing and I am hoping it will stay like this until September (instead of waiting trough those short summer months of almost-there disappointments forcing you to pack a jacket with you wherever you go, like the two last summers turned out. Weather - we are at it here again...).

Everything is green and blooming here now.  I think it has never been this warm in May for such a long period here before. Woop!

Even our house is getting naked!

The summer lambs are back on our meadows.

And underneath my window the apple tree is blooming for a few moments still.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


I just drove my husband out to his tractor on the field to work. It is so dry and dusty everything gets coated in a layer of dirt. And I laughed a bit at me driving trough the fields because that was that one thing I never saw myself doing earlier in life.

Never say never and all that.

My nails still look like this though, and that won't change.

Saturday, 19 May 2018


Waiting for November then!

Queen was the first band I was an actual fan of! I did my first presentation ever in school about the band. My mom helped me put it together. That was a terribly long time ago already.

Biopics like these can either be a hit or miss (and sometimes going back and forth between either one), but lets hope this one is good! So far I like how the song mix for the trailer is made, so lets make that a god sign.

Ze interwebz told me the movie has a campaign where you can sing Bohemian Rhapsody karaoke-style with your phone and perhaps get your voice in the films (guessing ending credits?) and apart from the looking-for-a-shot-talented-singers I keep thinking of the thousands and thousands of terrible ones that have to, just have to (forbidden karaoke songs: immigrant song by Led Zeppelin or Bohemian Rhapsody) happen. And that somebody has to listen trough. Give me half a bottle of red and a late night and I'm in! (No, please don't).

Sunday, 13 May 2018


This week I was in Strasbourg with  +27C and I was prepared to come home to boots and jacket-mode still but alas! - I brought the warmth with me and we celebrated  Mother's Day in +25C and sunshine. Weather is always such a factor here.

First outdoor breakfast (mmmm, ok: lunch) of the year! Which I made myself altough offered otherwise; oat-chia pancakes with peanut butter and berries. Not the prettiest, but more yummy than one (me) would think!

The outdoor-summer-renovation-mode for the house has begun. This home is in a state of renovation both inside-and out.

 Flower-mode is also on; in just a few days the leaves have turned green and flowers are blooming!

Flowers were also blooming in the pretty Mother's Day-sugar water painting Dag gave me!  Altough he nonchanalntely said that they were not really flowers "I just dotted some paint there".