Thursday 30 September 2010


Seems that I around autumn get this urge to rationalize my wardrobe, get a few pieces that goes with everything and at any place while I want to get rid of all that that has no absolute meaning or serve any specific purpose in my wardrobe. (Yeah, good luck). Sitting here at work writing down what I would need and what needs to go or be replaced in smarter way (read: how can I justify getting these certain things) on small post-it's here in between the ships, while also browsing those dangerous sites I keep on visiting although I should know better it struck me: who am I kidding?
I do this every year.
My wardrobe is still not that much more functional than it was last year and will never be perfect (although it is very nice).

I mean how could I possibly claim that the Trashy Diva leopard mid season jacket I just ordered serves any important function to me living in a country when such jackets can be worn about four months a year divided in two month-periods? When I already have as many mid-season jackets as there are weeks per mid season (sort of)? That I had any important reason to buy it? Time to admit: I may get annoyed on the fact that it is considered normal to just buy buy and buy for the fun of it,to get something new every month (or week!), regardless weather it is vintage or brand new (I'm not thinking in terms of ecology or such, but in material). But I do it myself. A lot. Hehe.

So cut the crap, I need a pinafore skirt.

In green I think; the only question is: pencil or A-line?
Vivien of Holloway or Nudeedudee?

Wednesday 29 September 2010


Pretty carnations against my soft pink kitchen walls.

Bread with butter and a whole lot of garlic plus apples from the farm. Life is too short and baked goods too great to ever even consider giving up carbs (which are healthy btw), bah!

The high heeled vintage brogues I mentioned earlier. Another case of The Lazy Thrifter Get's Lucky; they were brought to me, didn't have to lift a finger.

Wall paper from PiP Studio that will soon be on a door here at home!

+ that fitfh little extra thingie; the Playful Promises give-away has ended and the lucky winner was Maarikki!
however, the rest of you still have a chance to buy your favorite Playful Promises items (and anything else on the site too of course) with a discount of 20%, as the discount is extended until Friday October 1st! So hurry up! Use the code fashion.

Monday 27 September 2010


The following post is written purely with promotional intentions but hey, who'd wanna miss this high-class cultural event? :

We are bringing burlesque back to the theatre stages with an all-evening long event about The World history of Burlesque (as Told By The Itty-Bitties). We will start at the rocking stone age go all the way to the sputnik-tastic future!

The evening takes place at Koko Teaatteri on Saturday October 16th. Get your tickets from Tiketti and get them in time; there are only 80 available. One euro of each sold ticket will be donated to Tyttöjen Talo.

Otto Talvio will play records and you can view Laura Kansanen-Stavale's and Rik Stavale's burlesque themed photo exhibition during the break.

The evening will be hosted by Hula Pirate's Hellsinki Hellcat, The Big Bad Bettie Blackheart and we will have three handsome young men doing the pick up for us!

The event is realized and funded by us Itty-Bitties and produced by Fullsteam Agency. Punanaamio have sponsored us with some props.

'Nuf said, book your tickets now :)

Sunday 26 September 2010


(I originally intended to do my Sunday baking a bit more often than once every 18 months but things seldom turn out the way you intend them to...)

I got a huge craving for coconut biscuits, such as my mom and grandmother used to make them and which I haven't had for years. I used a recipe from the web which maybe differed a bit from the ones I'm used to, perhaps, but anyway they're super easy to make. And works for those with gluten allergy too.

Fluff three eggs (I use ecological and ecological eggs only) and 1.5dl sugar together, add 8,25dl of coconut flakes and the peel of one small lime. The lime is not mandatory but is a nice add to the biscuits. I also found one recipe putting a little bit of rum in the mix. I'm pretty sure I've had versions made only on egg white also. Which of course gives a different result. Maybe one could try a version with one whole egg and the white from two-three?

Pour in 75 grams of melted butter (I felt there could have been a few grams less butter).

Mix all together and leave for ten minutes so the coconut flakes can soak in the moist and swell.

Use a spoon to scoop the biscuits onto a baking plate or into small cupcake molds. The result will be fluffy and slightly cone-shaped biscuits so you don't need to form them round or anything, but you can slightly shape them into cones.

Put in the oven (175C) for about 20 minutes until the biscuits get a nice dark golden color.

Let cool and out in the refrigerator for about an hour or so before you serve. You can alo dip the tops in melted chocolate and let cool, that makes a great combination.

Eddi does not have much of a sweet tooth, he'll have a couple or three at most and his kids don't really like anything I make by default, so that means lots of biscuits for me! And they taste as good if not even better after a night or two in the refrigerator.

Saturday 25 September 2010





That's it!

And now I'm off out to town for my sister's fare-well party from the harbour! In high waisted trouser and high heeled brogues but no time for pictures on that. And one has to leave a little for the imagination you know.
Have a nice Saturday night y'all!

Wednesday 22 September 2010


Most of this is vintage and this is pretty much what I looked like every day last week on my way from and to work, as I tend to go for some kind of a uniform during busy weeks. Wore different shoes when raining though. And put the lipstick on afterwards.

Tuesday 21 September 2010


I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with Playful Promises already?
If not, then hurry up and give them a look; I'm sure you will like it:

Playful Promises is a London designed brand with a range of playful and flirty lingerie, swimwear and gifting in delicious colours and shapes with cute packing - I love the candy pants for example!

Playful Promises was created in 2004 and can be found in stores around the world as well as in their own shop in East London and of cores online:

Here's a little sneak peek of what's to come later this fall:

So, now I'm of course more than pleased to be able to offer one of you the chance to win a Playful Promises' Please Me Please set!

The winner can choose between a bra or a basque, and a brief or a thong. The sizing goes from XS-XL and 32A-26DD.

How to enter?
Visit the Playful Promises site and leave me a comment telling me what your favorite Playful Promises product is! Make sure your blogger profile is available/blog link working, or if you do not have a blog or site, remember to leave me your email in the comment so I can reach you afterwards. One only comment per person!

You may get another entry if blog or tweet (or post on a forum) and link to the give-away. Leave me another comment telling me you've done so, linking to your post in question.

The give-away ends in one week, September 28th! I will draw the winner randomly the nest day.

Last but not least, you also have the chance to shop at Playful Promises with a discount of 20% until then!
Use the code fashion.

Good luck and playful shopping ♥

Monday 20 September 2010


I suppose a lot of Finnish bloggers already have or will cover this on the days to come and I'm joining the club.
So; here's what I did last Sunday:
I finished the loading of the morning ship and made a slight change of style.

Into these and some red on the lips.

And took a break from work to go to Helsinki Vintage. The fair is held twice a year at Kaapelintehdas. (I used to study painting there before I changed to graphic design. Can't believe that's ten years already!)

Eddi also came before heading out to the farm to do some stuff, you know, harvesting and such that farmers do.

And Ina too, of course. It turned into another meeting for the "photo club" as usual. Blog nerds, hehe.

Beautiful Pia getting her hair done by Pinkki Paplari. Pia hosted the event. (She plays in The Patsy Walkers and hosts a lot of our shows too. This time however, you only got to see her feet...)

Pretty Mirkka and her designs.

Deco-jewellery from Hoochie Mama Jane. The same series as these!

Some items from good ol' Ansa Vintage. My lovely newly wed friends from Vaudeville were also there but I had some problems getting decent pics so Mimi and her beautifully growing belly has to be seen some other time here...

Tamara 1965 from Tallinn, familiar from the Tallinn retro fair last spring. (We recommended them :) (Note the team-posing by the people from Fast n' Loud in the background :)

Vintage and cupcakes always seem to appear at the same events... But why not really, looks good, tastes good, so yeah!

Eddi has the coolest T-shirt in town.

Ina bought a great pair of shoes, or, boots, from Americana.

As usual, there was a lot of great stuff...
...which mostly means I end up buying nothing, as there is so much to choose from. I'm not able to. You know, can't stop for just one item, I rather just enjoy the atmosphere and browisng around. I did get something though:

A 1950's napkin holder.
And a fifties umbrella holders. (That's a lot of holders for one day.)

Then I went back to the harbour and loaded and unloaded some more ships (and took sneaky pictures of myself).
And then it started raining a lot.

Saturday 18 September 2010


Dum du dum dum, it's all nice and calm but then uh-oh it happens: the attack of the 50ft woman!

The inspiration was of course this film, or more accurately; film poster:
You can catch the same number tonight at Helsinki Vintage opening club! And later at LeBonk October 1st and at Blues Trash Cabaret (at On The Rocks) on October 9th.

Photos from Psychorama by:
Rik Stavale (1,2,5), Marko Hämäläinen (3), Laura Kansanen-Stavale (4)

(Google tells me the 50ft woman also has an attacking baby! I can't tell if it's disturbing or sweet :)