Monday 30 January 2012


I am off on vacation, escpaing the promised very cold weather to what hopefully will be somewhat warm and sunny -  and I might even be without Teh Internet for the whole week, who knows! (as In can't remember if the house we rented had wifi or not...)

Meanwhile you still have the time to enter the Black Wardrobe giveaway which will run until Friday - the winner will be drawn and posted then, or early next week would it really be like that that I will be offline for the whole time (auch!).

(Pictures from ze interwebs.)

Sunday 29 January 2012


We've got ourselves a winter here after all, a little too cold to be nice and a while lot of shimmering snow. But I will be goingn to where it's warmer for a little while. Before I head south ways I'll give you some other sunny photos;  the last pictures from our trip last summer, a series which I -HAHAHAHAHA- thought I'd post before August (as in last year) or so.
You can see the previous photos under my travel-label.

Saturday 28 January 2012


Some stills and making of-shots from the short movie by IVANAhelsinki I was in a couple of weeks back:

All photos by Samu Franzen Photography.

...I'd like to have that jacket for myself...

Friday 27 January 2012


The IBTC rehearsing for HBF'11, by me, December 2010.

The fifth Helsinki Burlesque Festival is starting (or, actuallky started last week already witht he opening of the Punainen Mylly photo exhibition) and tonight it is time for the opening of the "Glitter and Mayhem - 5 years of Helsinki Burlesque!" photo exhibition, with pictures on and off stage form the past years. There are a few of my photos too! The exhibition is at the Jukka Male Museum in the Cable Factory and the opening is between 18 and 21. I won't be there though, as I have a harbour to attend...

There is an other exhibition related to the festival, mentioned above. With photos from the "Moulin Rouge of Helsinki", revue theatre Punainen Mylly (translated the Red Mill; Moulin Rouge) from the 1940's to the 1960's. Two of the grand old dames performing there back in the days attended the opening.
The "Oih! Burleskia Helsingissä" exhibition can be seen at Hotel Aleksanteri.

Both exhibitions are open until late February.

Thursday 26 January 2012


Perhaps you every now and then check out the affiliate banners I have in my side bar? (I hope...) For your shopping pleasures :) New to the list is The Black Wardrobe, a small business with handmade vintage inspired clothing with a gothic touch, suitable also for those in to psychobilly and rockabilly.
You will now get £10 off a dress purchase with the code FREELANCERS!

The Black Wardrobe also has lots of accessories (I love the bee brooche for example!)  and now one of you have the chance to win an adorable Ginger Pinup &  Black Cat necklace!

As usual, you enter by leaving a comment on this post and also by visiting and liking The Black Wardrobe on Facebook - support a small business!

The Give Away will be open until Next Friday, February 3rd! The winner will be drawn randomly.
Make sure I am able to reach me trough your signature or so in the comment field, or leave me a working email.

Wednesday 25 January 2012


Rye crisp bread with cheese and cucumber is just So Good. And, strawberries in January! Not that they actually taste as good as summer berries, but a small luxury anyway.

Bulgarian yoghurt with honey and almonds plus ecological peanut butter (as in peanuts only, no extras or extra oil, worth the extra money; it's really good!) & jam on  whole wheat bread.

Now this one started out great! Avocado-Cantadou sandwiches and apple porridge with strawberries. Only thing is I accidentally put lemon pepper in the porridge instead of cardamom, as intended.
The result was, unfortunately, uneatable and a lot of cadramom and even sugar on top did not make it any better...

Monday 23 January 2012


I'm not growing so much sideways. Yet. (Well you never know. Maybe I won't at all xxx)

But in depth, yes.

The skirt is from Lindex (a regular all-stretcy one; not maternity), top old H&M, belt vintage, scarf old Carlings and those same booties of mine from last post.
Eddi thinks they look like poodle feet.

Sunday 22 January 2012


Friday a week ago I was filming a short movie and this Friday we were photoshooting a teaser for a really nice project we are working on for next winter.

Lady Laverna, the jazz singer. I made her a nice60's up do by rolling a bob-shaped wig into a bun.

Tinker Bell and Laverna getting ready.

Marko shooting. He has shot a lot of things for us, like the car and the mummy shots for example.

 The theme was slightly 60's showgirl. As yu can see.
My hair has grown amazingly during my pregnancy, hehe, hasn't it?

Hair and make up by me.

Friday 20 January 2012


The dress is ASOS Maternity, booties the new ones, cardigan a sloppy H&M one, bangle and bracelet vintage and pearls from Budapest. I've had that same beret since I was 16! That's as far as in the nineties. It's getting a bit sloppy too, but I just can't find another one that suits my head...

Wednesday 18 January 2012


(Booties. Isn't that a cute word? Like cuttlings.  If yu remember that one. Not that it is an actual word, but anyway. But yey, little booties!)

I sort of ordered a pair of small winter booties by accident that I stumbled across late last Saturday night  - and to my surprise they were delivered from far far away to my door today already!

I thought they'd be totally useless for our winter (right now we actually have a nice one going on, pretty snow and only a little cold) but to my surprise these actually had a proper rubber sole, a warm inner sole and leopard-patterned warm lining. Sprayed them with water resistans shoe spray and out tripping I went!

Will not exactly lats to be passed on to future generations but for the discounted 41-something euros including shipping I think it's pretty alright. From Lightinthebox, runs true to size in my opinion.