Wednesday 30 July 2008


Dress - Stop Staring!
Shoes - Sixtyseven You

But it's totally OK to stare.
As long as you don't start stalking me.

Before I'll go on a detox-week to the countryside, doing yoga, drinking green tea all day long and reading all those books I've bought during the past year but haven't had the time to even look at (Yeah right! I'm so going to fail my good intentions...) I'm throwing a small dinner party. I love occasions where I can wear my dresses. The fancier, the better. And I have a lot of dresses. That means I go to a lot of occasions too :)

Later we'll go out and I'll get even more reasons to do my detox-week. Let's see how it goes and how long I manage to enjoy the silence of the archipelago though - there are some pretty tempting gigs during the weekend also...

(You can't have too many dresses no. But you can actually go out too much. I have to rest a bit and try to skip those gigs I think!)


I had great time in Berlin, it's one of my favourtie cities in the world.
Spent some time in Riga too, mostly taking pictures of beautiful buildings...
Now I'm back home again just to leave you all soon again to continue my vacation on our summerhouse in the archipelago. ..

But forst for some updates.

I received the Brilliant blogger award from supersweet and delightful Vintage Darling and also from the stylish Greetz from Tiz. Thank you both so much! Since I've received the award eariler I won't pass it on this time.

Then Pratishtha tagged me with some questions.

So here we go:
What are the last three things you purchased?
Well, apart from milk and bananas and cat food when I got home I did get some other stuff while I was away - a pair of black Stefanel suede sandals, an American Apparel jumpsuit and a set of burlesque-inspired underwear.

What are the last three songs you downloaded?
Whisper by Morphine and some Danzig

Where were the last three places you visited?
Berlin, Riga, Jurmala

What are your three favorite movies?
A clockwork Orange, Donnie Darko, Steve Zissou

What are your three favorite possessions?
My computer, my tattoos and my bike

What three things can you not live without?
My cats, friends and family. Well, obviously. If you want a more shallow answer I'd say my mobile phone, my computer and my mastercard.

What would be your three wishes?
To be able to do all the things that I want to and to have the time to do all of it, to get mine and K's business going

What are three things you have not done yet?
Learned some of the languages I have on my "what to do within five years list", visited Russia, had a baby

What are your three favorite dishes?
most things with couscous, halloumi cheese and olives

What three celebrities would you want to hang out with the most?
Umm... Elvis, James Dean, James Bond (any will do but I'd prefer Daniel Craig perhaps)

Name three things that freak you out.
People behaving like idiots, stalkers, spiders

If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Strong, active, turbocherry !

Name three unusual things you are good at.
Boxing. Bending myself into strange yoga poses. Tassel twirling :D

What are three things you are currently coveting?
Going to the countryside for a while, visiting M in Oslo, going to Budapest.
Will do all three quite soon.

What three bloggers would you like to tag?
Magnesiun Dresses, Little Puch of Love and Chic and Kitch.

Tuesday 22 July 2008


Romper - Tara Starlet
Shoes - H&M

Today was the perfect day for a sunny picnic by the water! And also a perfect day to wear my ridiculously small sun suit I got last week from Dolly Dagger (found the shop through this blog so thanks for that).

It would have been more perfect though if I would've actually made it out of bed and the house a bit eariler than three o'clock in the afternoon, making my picnic ridiculously short. (As in out, sit down, drink my bottle of juice and read the first three pages of the newspaper, listen to some Skatalites and Desmond Dekker, look at the watch, damn, read one more page and eat my sandwhich and then back home to finnish up some business...)

Anyway, this little bloggger is going on vacation now! I'll go to Berlin to catch u p woth some old aquaintances and to visit my good friend who moved there earlier this year, whose boyfriend surprisingly was in the movie I mentioned earlier. (Didn't work out with the director btw in case anyone wondered how it went. He turned out to be quite the stalker, uh). Then K will join me and we'll go to Riga.

If you start missing me too much while I'm gone you can always go through my old archives;)
I was a bit more creative and made nice drawings earlier in the blog so it's maybe worth a look...

So, see you in a while!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Vacation Deals

Sunday 20 July 2008


Sometimes things go like this...

Last night was the weirdest in ages! You could've though it was full moon...
(Have to add that I have the best friends in the whole world btw)

I went out with Julien, K and the other K and Ina and my evening started out as a disaster - leaping out a bit to quick from the taxi when arriving to this terrace-party-thing we were going to the slit of my dress broke (crappy quality!) making it a bit longer than ment to be - it ended just where my bum begins and for every step I took I was mooning a bit more. I figured I had three options :
1) tear the dress up all the way and wear it as a nice apron / just take it off and be in my underwear the rest of the night, either calling it a modern burleqsue-inspired art performance or a bachelorette party
2) taxi home and change, and taxi back or
3)be a wallflower for the rest of the night (hell no!)
...neither of which were that tempting. At that moment I was quite happy to realize that K is always late and was that yesterday too, luckily still at home, so we called her and asked her to bring needle and thread. When she arrived we leaped into the bathroom and ten minutes later the problem was solved. It was quite funny actually now afterwards.

Well, the night might have been weird and all but at least I had a fancy hairdo. I've just found those youtube tutorials everyone's been referring to here and there and I was inspired a bit by this video. That girl has amazing hair and does great hair-do's so check her videos out!

It didn't even take me that long to do this hair, but it's maybe because I twirl my hair quite often in a similar style anyway.

(I should colour my roots and get some more light-coloured bobbypins btw. Well, now to meet some friends for Sunday drinks. Over and out).

Saturday 19 July 2008


Top & scarf - Carlings, Shoes - H&M
Trousers - Genlemen take Polaroids (coloured by me)

Today I woke up to maybe the best day of summer so far.

Which sucked since I had to work today.

Yes, I'm still on vacation, but I had promised to do a shift at "the-cothing-store-I'm-employed-at-but-never-work-in-but-still-have-my-discount-at"; the first shift since one in February, the time before that being someting like November 2007. (I'm not sure if the discount is worth it, goddamit I don't even shop there that much anymore!)

Well, I'm there and one hour before the other guy who will finish the day is due to come to work he calls me in the shop and tells me he's ill and won't show up. Seriously, fuck. I really wanted to go home and cathc some beauty sleep bvefore hitting the town big tie tonight. Thank god some of the sweet guys from another of these stores (there are three within five minutes from each other) came and stayed for a while so I could have lunch, and another guy other came to close so I didn't have to stay the whole evening. You gotta love those guys.

About the store... I kind of hate it in a way. They have their own designers and own brands. As an employee you can send in suggestions for designs, and if it is put up fpr production you get 1000 euros. Not much if you've actually designed something, but if you're a regular guy behind the counter and have a cool idea for say, a t-shirt, then one grand and your shirt in the store is quite nice. So, two years ago I drew up a whole collection of mine and my friend's (who was also my storemanager's at the time) ideas. Very what-we-know-they-would-sell and some of what we wanted for ourselves. The responce was that it was "really good, but a bit too much for them to dig in to".

Ummmm, what?

Someone gets a grand for saying "you should make a yellow tee with red stripes" and we had tons of ideas but it's too much for them to look at? Ok, fine, if they wouldn't have wanted those designs at all. But during the year after some similar things showed up in the store, like small details resembling, or the same model but different patterns or colours... Hmm, ok, might be a coincidence and I'm a trend oracle in that case, but this shirt really pised me off:

My drawing of a men's shirt in August 2006:

Sneaky pics of shirt in production fall/winter 2007:

Sure, I had ska-inspired checks and this shirt dogtooth, but they had never had shirt lined with checks before! And I had put the checked lining under the collar (and on it in another version), they had it inside. But the lining of the buttons and the cuffs are just like I drew them, goddamit, it's the same f***ing shirt!

Sure, fashion industry is a lot about copying or riping off, you know, what you see on the catwalks of the big fashion houses you'll see similar versions of in Zara etc. the season after. That's ok, it's the way it goes and it's a bit different when huge corporations do it as part of a system than when a company rips it's employers of.

So, I'm going to keep on being employed and shop cheaper and then maybe honour the shop with my presence behind the counter a couple of times a year.

I'll be there tomorrow too, all hungover and miserable, matching my eyes with the colour of my top, playing rautalanka-music. So don't come there. Well, unless you'll bring me an ice cream or something.
(hear hear, employee of the year speaking! :)

Thursday 17 July 2008


(I'm so obviusly suffering from a bloggers headline-block)

Skirt - GT, coloured by me
Jacket - old H&M
Sandals - Andiamo

Now I'm going to write about a lot of things.

we had planned to go on a picninc to the zoo with my mother but the rainy weather ruined it. We still had a nice day strolling around town; went to see two exhibitions (one of which was the Anton Corbjin retroperspective, it was great) and then we did some shoe shopping and had a piece of heavenly chocolate-lemon cake.

Behold, as you may notice I've coloured the skirt now! I noticed that the skirt is not woven into gingham but the checks are printed on it, which made me a bit unsure of how well the red would colour, but I still decided to try. It was to be green at first, but when I was about to colour it my washing machine tilted a bit - it hadn't let out all the water from the previous wash. Impatient as I am I didn't care, the reslut being that the machine spit out the green colour at once as soon as it started and then just washed the skirt in the slightly green water. This made me very angry and as I didn't want ot wait for the next day to make it to the store again I just used what other colour I had home; sky blue.
(I did colour another skirt green later on instead. Pictures are coming up :)

But I like the result a lot! Undefined bluish-purple colour. It goes well with my raspberry coloured sandals, no?
(the photo does not do the colours 100% justice I think)

I was recently "book-tagged" byt the loveliest ever; Dotti: I have to grab the book that's next to me, open it on page 123 and quote the fith sentence plus the following three.

Most of the boks next to me are art books with more pictures than words so lets see what I can find... Ok found nothing, only pictures... On the bookshelf in the other room the closest book is, quite pretentiously, John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men:

"He went out quicly. /Old man Cody stood and glaced after him. Then he helplessly looked down on the dead one, and his sorrow gradually started turning into rage and his rage into words./ You damn slut! he said angry."(I translated it from swedish). Hah! Quite funny.

Now let's see what MissWoo, Esme and the Lane way, Anna, Wendy and Beka are reading...

Four. Tonight I might give the director another chance, we'll see.

Wednesday 16 July 2008


Gingham shirt-dress : Sailor Jerry

Well, if yesterday was all sunshine today was a bit more mellow and rainy. Had lunch with an old colleague from a job back in the days and nowadays a "competetor" from the music quiz. It was delightful. After that I've decided I deserve yet some more dresses (honetsly, can that argument las forever?) and got myself a Stop Staring dress from Garageland.
Otherwise I havn't done anything.

I have five weeks paid vacation from this one place I work at. I was planning to work with my own business a bit more now since I haven't done much after all those meetings last month.
I was also planing to work out a lot.
Organize my papers.
Clean my closet.
Put up all of those clothes I don't wear anymore on (Ha! That's never going to happen!)

(I wonder if any of these things catually will happen during this summer, hrmmm...)

But as I just said, I went shopping and nothing more. And now I'm going to slip in to a cherry dress, put lipstick on, have some champagne and hit town.


On Ina:
Skirt - Indiska
Top - Gina Tricot
Bow - the Hula Hula Boutique
On me:
Top - Diesel
Skirt - DIxie Grey
Shoes - Bianco
Bracelet - vintage, from Ansa

Yesterday Ina and I had a extempore picnic in the park after strolling around a while in town. We picked up all sorts of delishous stuff from the deli; salad, cream-cheese stuffed jalopenos and focaccia,a pack of cherry-chili choloate that cost as much as a lunch itself, fresh strawberries. I originally planned to go kick some savate, but I had too many cigarettes and a few beers and thtas was the end of my workout. Sometimes that just happens, but hat's what I love about summer. You can change yuor plans anytime and it's totally ok. You can just kick of you heels anytime.

Later in the evening I went on a date withe the director of the movie but ended up going home with the leading actor of that film instead. Sometimes that just happens.
But that's what I love about summer.

Monday 14 July 2008


Jumpsuit - my Mother's old
Beret - almost as old as I am
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Dumond
Suitcase - Found in the trash

It's raining today because my vacation started.


But now I had a good excuse to wear my dear beret, even though it's summer. (I sort of missed it a little by now. And Monday's are quite often my bad hair-day, so I would have had to put something on my head anyway).

I'm pretty sure the sun will shine the rest of the week anyway.

Friday 11 July 2008


Dress - Collectif / HulaHula Boutique
Flowercomb - the HulaHula Boutique
Shoes - Vernanice

Feelgood-school2: When nice colours and nice food doesn't do the trick anymore. Inspite of the great day yesterday, some of those same thigs I wined about earlier this week still bother me I'm afraid. Damn emotions. But, I'm no longer sad, only angy, so angry infact it made me all energetic and happy. Strange huh? And as much as I'd hate to admit it, getting myself some new stuff does make me feel better. So I went and got myself that one dress I've been checkin out forever (last piece left, fits like a dream). It has a pattern with pink swallows and palmtrees and a cute bow and I'm totally worth it. So now I'm going to go out and rock! Positive rage, ha! (if something like that exists? :)

I'm an arrogant little bitch tonight. (But I'm still nice in general.)

(While I was at it I also decied to stop just longing for MinnaParikka shoes - I'm getting myself a pair for autumn! I'm totally worth that too.)

((And I know it would look better if my shoes were without the white details toghether with this dress but, blah, no slaving to the details tonight. I just wanted to wear green shoes now))

EDIT : I did have a good night; some whiskey togehter with a couple of the best guys I know. Ran in to the source of my anger (or part of it) and I was firm, but fair. And a little bit arrogant too. Thank god I was wearing that dress.


(quick secret snapshot of moi)

The movieshoot yesterday was great! Great choice of location, great weather.

It was a shooting for a short movie with a sort of "Kaurisnmäki touch" that my friend directs togehter with a name that is big within the fashion industry. The premier will be in New York 2009.

My friend is a man of few words; I didn't really know that much about the whole thing, just that I should show up. I really had to milk him out to get some info (like what to wear!!! Turned out I could just "come as you are".) The scenes being shot was at a biker club and their party in the evening. I was a hang around chick and came in a black pencil skirt, striped bustierand my red heels, smoked some cigarettes by the bikes and well, did the whole hang-around thing. Later us girls were handed these flowing white vintage dresses as a contrast to all the leather and hanged out in the evening sun. I wish I could've taken some pictures, I would've got some great shots as the styling for the movie was very good!

I also met some old friends there which was funny and unexpected - a good friend now living in Berlin played one of the leading roles and another friend of mine (the one I refer to as the-best-guitarist-in-town, I think I've mentioned him before here sometimes) threw a "gig" at the party scene. I was asked to join today too for a shooting in the countryside but I'm afraid I won't be able to make it :(

Or, it depends what I give priority too - seems I have two very nice things to choose between...

Wednesday 9 July 2008


Dress - Ebay
Sandals - Bianco
Nailpolish - Rimmel 811 'Pulsating'
Lipstick - Dior 565 'Diabolic Devlish Rose'
Brooch - Paprikaroja@Etsy (some burlesque-stuff there)

I went from sad to angry today due to some stuff. Instead of staying at home depressing myself with sad music I made myself a sunny mango-apple smoothie, went out in the sunshine and got myself a nice flower. And instead of dressing black I went for frills and colour, a little bit too much of everything -superpink lipstick, a kitchy accessory and my cheesiest shoes! They say "Love Me". I need that :)

The dress didn't make me happier though since it's a bit too small; a bit too short for my taste, and strangely enough, even though I'm not that booby (that's not really a word I know:), too small around the chest. (Ebay should have cyber fitting rooms ... quite often I read the measurement description and think "mjaaah, close enough". Works most of the time, but didn't work this one. Well, nine out of ten aint' bad :)

A friend of mine is directing a movie. Tomorrow evening I'll participate as an extra in a scene. The scenery of the shooting is of my taste... more of that later :)


I've been a bit sad today so I bough myself a big sunflower to cheer things up.

There are some things that have been bothering me for a while and today I just felt really tired of it all. The sunflower might cheer me up a bit but what mostly changes my mood for the better are all my wonderful readers, you. Not only do you all leave so lovely comments, but you also write me emails that make me really happy :)

I always visit all your blogs trough the commets you leave and try to comment back, even though I somtimes only have time to browse sorry for that, hope noone feels forgotten or so!

Then I've been given the "Brilliant Weblog Premio 2008" award by the oh-so-lovely Jenny from Pupulandia and Desthea from Desteha/Muotimissio. Thank you sweeties :)

Here are the "rules" for the brilliant:
1) When received, you may post the premio to you blog.
2) Link to the blogger you received it from.
3) Give the it to 7 blogs
4)... link to those 7 blogs
5)...and leave those seven bloggers a comment about receiving the brilliant premio.

Well, I'm a person who find it really hard to make decisions, I could give it to each and every one... But I'll just stick to 7 as is says. I'll pas it on to Dotti, Ranna, Nanó, Super Kawaii Mama, Démo, The Clothes Horse and Lady Smaggle!

Tuesday 8 July 2008


1. Bows on cute blouses

Well, all sorts of bows actually - in jewellery, in the hair, around the waist. But especially those ascot-/pussy bows on cute ruffle blouses.

2. Cherries in all forms

I've always had a thing for cherries. Not just how they taste, but how delicious they look. I like cherreis in small details, such as an embrodery or as small earrings, I like it best sutle and small. But sometimes a cherrypattern works nicely too.

(3. Different from the drawings I post here at the blog, I also love to make two-dimensional detailed very vector-like drawings, as the ones above. Black and white is the thing.)

What small details do you especially like?

Monday 7 July 2008


Dress - Carlings
Belt & Shoes - Vintage

One of my favourite pairs of shoes are my grandmother's from the early 1940's. They are in such good condition but sadly a teeny-weeny bit too small. (Should I start doing some body-modifications? Maybe cut all my toes off a few millimeters?)

...I still couldn't resist wearing them today to town, and of course my toes were a bit aching at the end of the day.

Later I went for a pass of savate training for the first time in weeks. Normally I go to these technique/ full-but-controlled contact training but today I did a cardio pass which means punching the sack and doing muscle stuff for 75 minutes non stop. Boy was that heavy considering my poor liver has been working out more than me this summer and I've been smoking like hell recently! People work out so hard at those cardio passes the whole room smells like the kitchen of a chinese resaurant afterwards - like stir fry.

Umm, I don't know if that inspired me or not but later in the evening I went out with a friend for chinese food around the corner and my legs were so shakey and tired I took the elevator instead of the stairs back home :)

But I actually like it, it sort of hurts in a good way.


Skirt - the same selfmade one as always...
Mini-cardigan, Shoes & Bag - H&M
Top - Carlings

When I arrived home from the trip I noticed that my mom, who came over a couple of times to feed my cats while I was gone, had cleaned my appartmement for me! She had done the dishes and put all of my messy papers an magazines in one pile "beacuse it's nicer to come home to a clean home" she said. That's just so sweet!

I went to sit in the park behind my house and listened to my iPod for a while, slowly recovering from the weekend. Then I had dinner with my parents at one of the restaurants close to me; halloumi cheese salad with roasted pumpkin-and sunflower seeds and cherry tomatoes, mmm.

Why oh why is it only Sunday once a week?

Soft Sunday song for today is from one of my all time favourite movies, Donnie Darko.

(The original song is by Tears for Fears and in all it's eightyness it's kind of nice too.)

Sunday 6 July 2008


OK, so I'm back from my "casual weekend" and it was great! Lots of sunshine, drinks and food and partying. (And it was of course totally unecessary of me to worry about the clothing... never got a chance to wear my snakers though, sticked to my red low-heeled closed sandals :)

My sister C and I on the road, literally.

The way to the beach:

More of the great beach

Katre making pina coladas.

Black vintage safari dress - chick and practical in the outdoors!

And now I'll need a lot of sleep...

Thursday 3 July 2008


Sneakers - Vintage Nokia's, a gift from J some years ago

So, I'm going away for the weekend, or well, half of the weekend, with one of the companies I'm employed at. (To be honest I'm not employed at that many companies anymore. Or I am, but actually only work for this one nowaday, and with my own business of course). Anyway, this is the annual summerparty hosted in southern Estonia at a place with a great beach and lots of small cottages in the surrounding woods. I've been there the two past years too and it's been a lot of fun, a lot of mixed people (everything from seamen, harbourworkers to office chicks and waitresses. It's a big company) and a lot to drink.

But the thing is, what to wear, what to wear.

We're out in the woods and there are only small paths and a sandy road in the area. Now if I want to I can be very practic and casual. If I want to. Most of the time I don't. Practical yes maybe, casual, njaaah. There's a lot of being outdoors-playing-stupid-games and hanging at the beach all day. But there's also a restaurant and club at the area (that you also have to walk to along a damn small uneven path!) and it's not that posh but it's not all flipflops either.

So I don't want to go there totally turbocherry, but not all bimbo-wearing-heels-in-the-woods either. Hmmm. And let's not forget the the fact that I also have to pack according to the weather. You know, if it get's cold or starts raining or so.

Oh, I should just take example of the guys who I'm going there with - jeans and a t-shirt (maybe one extra shirt to go), that's it - they'll eat and sleep and get drunk in that and go home the next day a little shabby but hey that's life.

But what do you do when you just want to try and look really good all the time?*sigh*

EDIT: You know what,uh, I'll just pack my little sailor dress and leatherjacket with me and my chucks with a cherry lining (and sneak in a pair of low heels too just in case). Might have to take that little sailorhat with me also in case things get really wild...


Inspite of all the colouring, my wardrobe still mainly consists of black. Black of course works whenever wherever, but especially on a grey and slighlty rainy day like this.(Soft rain is actually ok if it's warm and not windy outside, like now. But it's a no-no for tomorrow, since I'm going for a beach-weekend!)

Pupuppiduu, posing like a bimbo #1

Posing (a little less but still) like a bimbo #2

Jersey cardigan - WESC, sligthly customized by me for a better silhouette
Skirt - the same selfmade one as always (it's oh so comfy)
Wedges- from some cheapy shop some time ago

Wednesday 2 July 2008


I have this red-and white checked skirt that I want to colour. There's nothing wrong with the skirt now or the combination of red and white, it's just that I have quite much of that already. And this skirt, cute as it is, still somewhat reminds me of a kitchen table cloth...

Coloring, or re-coloring is a great way to make an old and dull garment interesting again. You can also color over patterns - the pattern will of course remain, but you can make it less noticeable for example (like when I color this skirt it will still be checked, only sort of less so, depending on what color I choose to color it). But still, remember to think twice before you do color. I have made some decisions too quick before and regret it later (as before I had this problem with wearing white and I colored a lot of my mother's and grandmother's nice old stuff ocra,marron and brown. Damn those hippie years!)

At some point someone asked me about coloring clothes, so I'll give a few hints that are helpful atleast for me; I used to color a lot before and I also made lots of tie-dye too with different methods.
(If you're not interested just scroll down to the end of this post and help me out ok :)

*Coloring at home is easy in general, but it can be a bit hard to get a nice even result. Use a sink/bucket or whatever just as long as it is big enough, so that the garment wont lay wrinkled in the color solution - otherwise you get a tie dye-like result. The whole process can be a bit messy so be sure to use gloves and clean up any spill right away, otherwise it will be very hard to get away!

*If you color right you won't harm the clothes, but you have to use salt during the process and that tears the fabrics on the clothes. I always use fabric softener the first washes after, even if I otherwise don't (since it also wears out fabric faster).

*The cheapest way to color is by using color buttons, those small ones containing powder. It says on the pack that you should boil the clothes but you don't have to. Anyway, how many garments look nice after boiling them!? (But if you on the other hand dye a fabric that you're going to cut and sew later on that's totally different of course). I only mix the powder with boiling water then and add lukewarm water. A tip is to make the colour solution quite strong (=not that much water) and then soak the garment evenly in it, take it out and put it in a plastic bag over night, then wash it up. That way you won't have to keep on moving the garment around in the color mix all the time.

*There are also colors ment for cold hand wash, but I personally don't think they are any better than the color buttons. It's messy as hell anyway... But if you want to color something delicate that can only be washed in cold water this is the solution.

*Nowadays I only use colors for machine wash since that is just so easy. It won't hurt your machine if you do it right - I've even colored in the common machine in my building even though it was forbidden (hihi). I like those kind of colors more that come in a bag that will dissolve during the wash, than the ones where you have to pour the color-powder in the machine. It says 60 degrees C on most color packages but I do it in 40, or according to the washing instructions of the garment. Since I don't color in as warm water as recommended, I sometimes have to color things twice for the right shade of color. After the coloring you wash the clothes once, then you have to run the machine empty on a program warm as possible. (And since I don't like wasting energy like that I usually throw in and wash a couple of dark towels at the same time).

*Remember that you can't color all fabrics - the less natural the fabric, the less the color will attach. Wool and cotton, most cotton-based mixes color easily. Polyester won't really soak up the color pigment but you can receive a change of shade in a piece of clothing still. And you won't be able to color anything dark lighter of course. You can bleach a garment a bit first if you want to receive a slightly lighter shade. For example you can't get dark blue pink (no shit you can't) but you can bleach it and color it with pink color and you'll end up with a purple/lilac shade. It's the basic rules of mixing colors that apply.

Well, back to my skirt. I can't really decide on what color to choose. Green, blue or purple? Or some other colors? Grey? I'm kind of feeling the green. All ideas are welcome so tell me what you think! :)

Tuesday 1 July 2008


Let's get another thing straight.
I wake up with a hangover quite often, due to the fact that I, um, go out quite a lot.

So, I'm most definitely no good example for anyone ok.

But if you happen to wake up all fatigued and toxicated from the night before you might aswell make the best of the day after!

Instead of just ordering pizza why not make yourself pancakes.
I had a lot of them wiht black currants and honey while listening to some of my fav songs from the 40's.

Then, wear something nice and leave the house!
I took my bike and decided to go somewhere in my neighbourhood I hadn't been before.

I biked around Hermanni which is just a bit further away from where I live. It's quite idyllic, you would never know you're under fifteen minutes or seven-eight tram stops away from the centre...

Behind this hill you can see the sea.

(Hermanni isn't all peaches and cream though, the red building behind the trees in the picture above is atually a rather heavy-duty prison.)

Later I went to meet the girls from our burlesque group project for milkshakes (mintchocloate milkshake! I love it!), music- and outfit planning. That's always so inspiring!

Then I biked home, very happy I decied not to just stay in bed all day :)


Ok, lets get things straight first. Inspite of all the skirts and heels I'm not that a girly person, I'm more something like this (yes that's me). Getting togehter with a large group of girls sometimes stresses me out a bit and I start hearing We are family and I'm so excited playing in my head (uh) straight away.

But that doensn't mean it can't still be a lot of fun - I mean, if you've got to do it, you're not only gonna do it but you've got to overdo it!

So,first we started out with sushi and a lot of wine.

Then we went to see you-know-what-movie...

And then we went for drinks.
Alexandra has cinderella-like shoes. She is alwyas so stylish and can pull of any bling bling anytime, anywhere so well.

K always looks like a bag of sweet pastel coloured candy; this time wearing a IVANA Helsinki skirt and a Hanna Sarén bag.

Jen is just so fabulous, here wearing a self-customized vintage dress and selfmade jacket. She's a fashion designer and has just moved back here after some time in Milan, but more about her later in this blog then...

I love the colour combination of the other K's nails, ring and blouse.

The ones of us that are not married or pregnant or live in the suburbs went out for even more drinks and dance and it was all worht the headache the next day!